EA Just Called A Fan "Milkshake Brain," But Is Now Sorry For It

EA has tweeted an official apology to the fan who got called "Milkshake brain" over a heated Need for Speed debate.

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SullysCigar73d ago

This sort of idiocy is easily avoided by considering if your message is professional BEFORE sending it.

Sorry isn't going to cut it for the sender's boss.

lodossrage73d ago

If people get heated to the point they start name calling, slurring, disrespecting, etc, then they should just end the conversation/debate.

That goes double if you're representing the company you're debating about in some way or form. We all have our points where we get fed up or annoyed, but being an adult is knowing when to disengage.

bloop72d ago

Completely agree, very unprofessional and just shouldn't engage. On the other side of it, what a sad state we're in that they felt the need for a formal apology over calling someone something as juvenile as milkshake brain. It's not like he was told to go eat shit and die.

CorndogBurglar72d ago

To me, when the name calling starts, that person automatically lost the argument.

robtion73d ago

I'm confused? Who doesn't like milkshakes? I would take this as a compliment. Don't y'all listen to Beyonce'?

SullysCigar72d ago

Yeah, I'm not sure I'd find it particularly upsetting being called that lol

Still weirdly unprofessional though.

shinoff218372d ago

Some companies do it right though. Ie Wendy's. They tweets be cracking me up.

KILLnFOOLz72d ago

Professional or not it doesn’t warrant an apology. This generation is so weak, physically, mentally and spiritually. The parents are to blame, half were not around to raise the kids and the other half over coddled them. Absolutely pathetic.

SullysCigar72d ago

Agreed. All the apology did was draw attention and make him look wrong.

I'll never understand the sudden shift to outrage over online words. I was brought up with the "sticks and stones" mentality and freedom of speech. Cancelling someone wasn't even a term lol

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343_Guilty_Spark73d ago

Sony does it when it charges full price for remakes of remakes and upgrade patches. They are saying these milk shake brains will buy 300 remakes of the same game.

shinoff218372d ago

The last of us on ps4 was a remaster on ps4. Just a little upgraded visuals like resolution and such. The last of us on ps5 is a complete remake. Go stand in the corner and cry some more. We all know you ain't got no games to play 343guiltyspark

343_Guilty_Spark72d ago (Edited 72d ago )

What am I crying about? I have a PS5 Switch and a XSX...only broke lil mommy men fanboy over plastic boxes

shinoff218372d ago (Edited 72d ago )

343 you always gotnsome sly sh to say about something sony. It's written in almost every comment I see of yours. Personally I doubt you have anything ps. Where as I can say I have all 3 well an Xbox one switch ps5. I go by the same name on everything.

The second part of your comment shows what type of person you are. So congrats. Mommy boy that's the dumbest sh I swear. It shows ur age. Most can see the bigger picture so I'll break it down for you Lil guy.

I feel Sony has better games therefore I game mostly and prefer my Playstation over the other 2. The better sonys Playstation does the better and I'll add more games will come to my preferred console. So therefore Lil guy the better they do the more I get(well still have to pay for it).

For instance although they had good exclusives the n64 wii u Sega Saturn lacked alot of 3rd party support and turned out to be duds. Now don't hate cause I said n64 I did say that had great exclusives.

I play multiplatforms on ps and exclusives Xbox exclusives on it and switch exclusives on it. Simple really. Hard to imagine there's a bigger picture 343guiltyspark.

Hope it enlightened you Lil guy

Rebel_Scum73d ago

Come on now… if it was an EA fan it was probably deserved.

WhatAboutBigBob72d ago

As someone who buys Madden every year, I agree. You have to have a milkshake for a brain to buy the same game every year thinking it'll be different.

RedDevils72d ago

The same people buying Fifa.

Eonjay73d ago (Edited 73d ago )

Milkshake brain. No novel. I love it!
"🥤 - 🧠 " - EA

Ryuk_200773d ago

Shouldn't have apologized. Clicked on that "fan" twitter and his banner clearly showed he hated EA.

-Foxtrot73d ago

Who doesn’t though? Not like he swore at them or was a dick from the start.

There’s been far worse things said to them on Twitter where they’ve kept their cool

This is nothing in comparison

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