New Half-Life VR game, based on Half-Life: Alyx, out today on Steam

A new Half-Life VR game, based on Half-Life: Alyx, is four-hours long, fully acted, and out today on Steam, as Valve gives the nod to fan project Levitation

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Metro Awakening Could be VR's Next Half-Life: Alyx

Vertigo Games' Metro Awakening is the latest AAA game announced for VR. And it could be VR's next Half-Life: Alyx.

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1nsomniac19d ago

I hope so. Might give me a reason to dig out the PSVR2.

F0XH0UND92217d ago

Oh you must have beaten all the good VR games already?

Petebloodyonion19d ago

If Vertigo tries for the real AAA experience like Valve did then yeah
But if Vertigo tries for the light Call of the mountain experience then nope it will be another... light eperience

MrBaskerville19d ago

It looked very much like a proper metro game in vr. I'm mostly worried about its length. Hopefully atleast 6+ hours and not 2.

EvertonFC19d ago

Agreed hoping for some decent hours to be had, 6 plus sounds about right.
Love the series so wiping the gas mask clean, changing filters, checking watch and reloading weapon should be fantastic.
Also one for the headphones, going to be so atmospheric and not for the faint hearted.

MrBaskerville19d ago

Mega jank or short playtime is the only thing that could kill the potential in this one, as I see it. And I don't really believe that they would go with something super short.

I'm very optimistic, they really just need to combine Re4 Remake with Metro last Light and we're golden.

Neonridr18d ago

looking like a VR game and being an actual game and not some slice is completely different. We will know more in time though.

fr0sty19d ago

COTM was a launch title, so it being short and light on content is to be expected.

coolbeans19d ago

That's perfectly fine too, but I don't think that detracts from Peter's main point: there's a gap between COTM & what HL: Alyx accomplished as VR-only titles.

MrBaskerville19d ago

Short is ok, that't to be expected from a vr game. But there's short and there's demo sized.

DefenderOfDoom219d ago

I would buy a PSVR2 just to play this game .

Leeroyw19d ago

Buy it for resident evil 4. It's amazing.

EvertonFC19d ago

So many great games, I've still got about 20 games on my wishlist to get through.
Wallets going to hurt this year with VR and traditional games.

generic-user-name18d ago

IMO RE8 and RE4 already clear Alyx. Yes Alyx is ground-up VR so it has more of a cohesive feel but the RE games are full AAA campaigns that are thrilling and using the iconic guns of RE4 in VR is something else.

Neonridr18d ago

Alyx will always be the benchmark personally because it was designed for VR. It didn't have VR shoe-horned into it. While Village and RE4 are fantastic, not being able to interact with your environment properly is what sets something like Alyx apart.

generic-user-name18d ago

Walking up to bottle and picking it up is cool and all but there's more to a game that that and I feel like it's something that is more of a novelty. There's much more to the combat in something like RE4 with multiple enemies rushing you (not dumbed down numbers for VR) and actually physically parrying attacks with a knife before single-hand pumping Leon's shotgun etc.

If you prefer Alyx, that's cool, it's an amazing game for sure and I'm not trying to convince you otherwise, but for me the RE VR games do more.

Neonridr17d ago

@generic - for me, VR is all about immersion. Resident Evil is amazing, but when you can't even interact with a single thing around you, it feels very limiting IMO.

Everyone is different of course. Arizona Sunshine and the Walking Dead has tons of enemies and frenetic paces, and they still allow you to interact with almost everything in sight. Even simple things like putting your hand against a wall and being able to place your hand on it. It's all about the little things for me in VR. Climbing ladders, vaulting over things, etc.

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VR is the Leader in Gaming Innovation

With the flatscreen videogames feeling ever more stagnant, is VR becoming the leader in modern gaming innovation?

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RhinoGamer8887d ago

But no one is buying enough of the games to generate the required profit for game publishers. :-(

crazyCoconuts87d ago

Give it time. Flat screens will be antiquated at some point

mkis00787d ago

Its amazing there are people who fail to see that we are always improving. I mean do they not know where we were 200, 100, 50 , 25, 10 years ago?

JackBNimble87d ago

Maybe when they start making AAA games for VR it might start selling better.
There definitely needs to be a better library to entice me in spending $750cnd on a psvr2. I already did that with psvr and was expecting sony to show a little more love for it .... but nope. Not falling for it this time.

mkis00787d ago (Edited 87d ago )

Think of early video games to what they are now. As long as it isn't abandoned it has no where to go but up. Technology is again the limiting factor, but compared to the regular games VR has a lot more room to improve by orders of magnitude.