Sony Needs to Advertise the Hell out of Killzone 2

"I have no doubt in my mind that Killzone 2 will be a great game, in fact it will be a block buster of an experience, a FPS to set the benchmark for others, the gameplay is solid, the graphics are better than ever on consoles, and the 32 online player online is marvelous.

What could possibly go wrong you ask? Marketing"

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Jager3582d ago

There, i guess Xbox fanboys can stfu about the gameplay.

thebudgetgamer3582d ago

but you know the usual crowd of haters will always complain about something such tools


silverchode3582d ago

the only idiot 360 owners are the fanboys, same goes for ps3 owners.

Lifendz3582d ago

and if you could add a nice little "PS3 now for 299.99" at the end of every commercial I think it's a wrap.

Still, I should see this game on billboards, posters, in the subway, on buses, and on ESPN, MTV, Family Guy, Southpark, and the NFL playoffs.

C'mon Sony, take a note out of MS' book and advertise the crap outta this game.

jaysquared3582d ago

Too bad Sony wasted all their money on Home! I still have my doubts about this game. From all the game videos i've been watching I see nothing special about this game.. Everything is so dark!

ChampIDC3582d ago

Yeah, if they can get a good commercial out, the graphics alone should attract plenty of people.

Jager3582d ago

Great, the New Xbox fanboy arguement "Everything is so Dark!!1!" Maybe you should check out KZ2's Desert levels? Hell the OPENING level? Not "Too" dark at all....

Wasnt Gears of War Dark? and dont lie, i played Gears of war (When Night comes and those damn Bats come out, so annoying / Boring during that part... The Armored Truck was semi fun, but how the hell can bats damage an ARMORED Truck?)

The Killer3582d ago (Edited 3582d ago )

killzone 2 is something u dont see very often in gaming industry, the only thing i dont like about it is that all i have seen is darkness and i dont like darkness in games and most games that r mostly dark usually fails in sales and even reviews, e.g. doom 3, quake 3, fear, etc! a game can still be scary and thriller with colorful settings like Far Cry!! so i hope darkness is not the whole game.

and if sony doesnt advertise it well then people just wont see it as anything special and will probably think it is like killzone 1 on ps2 and will pass!

it will be such a waist of time and effort and money if sony didnt advertise the hell out of it before, during and after launch!!

if Killzone 2 fails to reach its hype then am afraid thats it for the franchise!!!

SONY wake up, spend few millions on advertising and u will get 10 times more than what u lost from just the advertising threw game sales!!!!!


i hated gears of war pc torrent version so much because it was dark the whole game!! and no 360 owner have any right to complain about the darkness of KZ2 since gears of war is one of the most darkest TPS out there, am surprised it got high reviews and high sales, i guess 360 owners will buy anything from MS and exclusives since good exclusives comes as often as seeing the meteor in the sky!

ChampIDC3582d ago

The thing is Jager, most FPS games tend to be dark. It just fits the mood of war much better than rainbows. I don't know why people complain so much about it. It's just something fanboys like to point out to make the other console's game look bad.

evrfighter3582d ago (Edited 3582d ago )

Indeed it would probably go a long way to drop some cash on advertising a good looking game.

Look what it did for left 4 dead. dropped 10 mil on advertising alone and it was able to compete with gow2/ ->wrath of the lich king<- /fallout 3. Even despite the source engine being considered aged. (iirc 1 month prior to l4d release, steam pre-orders were up 60% over where the orange box was at)

It's usually around this time (2 months prior to release) that the big advertising campaigns start. I wonder what Sony will do.

Saigon3582d ago

the funny thing is that last year I liked their marketing strategy, but they went away from it because they switched companies, and it took a while before we started seeing good commerccials...I like Sony's current format and I hope they stay with it into next year...using real people with real expressions...

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Carbide73582d ago

This is one game I would love to see when I switch my TV on, they need to make a cinematic commercial like they did with MGS4, the "courage is solid" one.

prowiew3582d ago

This game deserves a massive advertising campaign, just showing the graphics.

koston36473582d ago

name the last thing sony had a multi-million dollar marketing plan with?
they never will but i agree it would easily push a few millions more in sales

Jager3582d ago

The old Socom games (I and II) and huge marketing behind them... same with Crash Bandicoot (When ND made it)

va_bank3582d ago

PS3 has great games, quality hardware, free online play. I honestly believe that marketing, not the price is what's holding PS3 back. At least against Xbox, maybe not the Wii, as we're talking two different crowds here.

Microsoft took an average FPS and made it into marketing sensation, propelling their console to the top. Sony has really dropped the ball with advertising, at least here, in U.S. I don't understand why they just sit and do NOTHING - the world is theirs for the taking and it seems like they are missing their opportunities. LBP and MGS4 are fantastic games and were both way underpromoted.

GrieverSoul3582d ago

Yep, advertising has been the weakeast point on the PS3 life!
In Europe, the PS3 gets some publicity! I see a PS3 add now and then on TV and magazines! For each PS3 add I see 3 for the WII fit, WII sports and WII play! lol

Maybe its the reason why its been doing better in Europe than in the US! And still they dont advertise it!!! Whats wrong with marketing on SONY?!

va_bank3582d ago

Over the holiday season, I saw a couple of TV spots for PS3. One of them was for PSN. It was one of the worst commercials ever - I have a PS3 and use PSN so it was pretty clear to me, but people who don't, had no idea what this commercial was trying to advertise.

uie4rhig3582d ago

Halo 3 type of advertising.. as MUCH as possible!!

Nathan Drake3582d ago

Considering the amount of money that has gone into KZ2,I would be more surprised if they DIDN'T advertise the hell out of it.

What Sony need to do is take the iconic element of KZ2,that is,the Helghast eyes,and use that as the foundation in their advertising/marketing campaign.

Jager3582d ago

Helghan eyes staring at you from MDew Cans / Bottles... holys*** win..

ChampIDC3582d ago

Would be cool. I freaking love their helmets. Heck, I never played the first game, yet I have a poster of it on my wall just because the dude on it looks so cool.

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