Worlds biggest free online music service now compatible with the PS3

Not long ago i came accross grooveshark and it became my number one source for listening to music. Unfortunatly the grooveshark music player was not compatible with the ps3 before. Today after couple of weeks i checked again and the site is now updated and is compatible with the ps3's web browser.

Hit the link below to enjoy the widest range of music for free!


Apparently the site is overloaded and some users are experiencing problems with the music playback!

No word from GrooveShark as of yet, please be patient and it should hopefully be fixed soon.

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uie4rhig3670d ago

didn't know about this site but pretty cool .. ill be using it outside my ps3 as well ^^,

kapedkrusader3670d ago

...thanks for posting this.

gambare3670d ago

never heard of this site before but is my fav right now, thanks for bringing it here

zuesholmes3670d ago

i never heard of this site either but it has pretty good sound quality to. thanks for the find, i'm listing to it now on my ps3 through my home theater.

Viper73669d ago

Didnt know about this eather. Loving the site already.

Seems to work with Wii too (or so the site seems to say)

whoelse3669d ago

theres a new bookmark for my PC AND PS3! :)

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mercenarie3670d ago

should add a quick direct icon to this site and many others that are compatible with the PS3

a101k473670d ago

thats a grate idea, u mean like on the xmb... ye but i think if they do that then they must pay, i wouldnt think that grooveshark would let them do it for free. but then again its a promotion for them as well so u never know!

Godmars2903670d ago (Edited 3670d ago )

But unless they give a DL option, putting it on the XBL would be dumb. Sorry.

Far better idea:
Make it a channel on Life with Playstation. get people Folding while they listen.

Though I think Pandora would make a better choice.

PlayStation3603670d ago (Edited 3670d ago )

While I disagree with ya about having Grooveshark on the XMB being dumb. I do think it would be awesome being able to use Grooveshark or Pandora while using Life w/Playstation.

What I would love to see, Grooveshark/Pandora on the PS3 XMB under Music. And Hulu (and other video channels) on the XMB under Video. Similar to what the Sony Internet Link has:

Godmars2903670d ago (Edited 3670d ago )

Just don't see Sony putting it on the XMB unless it was an obvious benefit to them. If there was a "buy" option via PSN for example.

Thinking about, its almost a sad contradiction that Sony's made an open-access system and the probable reason they don't advertise it more is that all these freebies could effect the shop options that they're still building up.

they really need to get together with sites like this and figure out something for their mutual benefit.

Viper73669d ago

Pandora sucks because its restricted to US only.

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Gamingshouldbefun3670d ago

dude above. since when does xbox live got webbrowser? oh wait.. lol

Cajun Chicken3670d ago

Cool. Another win for the PS3's 'not needed webbrowser'.

vegetassj513670d ago

padora also works on the ps3

Godmars2903670d ago

Better. Should have posted it.

thereapersson3670d ago

It didn't use to. If this is true, it's good news, as now I can stream internet radio over my surround system in my entertainment room.

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The story is too old to be commented.