10 things in Grand Theft Auto IV that won't be missed when playing Saints Row 2

zergwatch writes:

"From its release until around the middle of October, Grand Theft Auto IV was the "Best in Breed" game, meaning that it does what it does better than any other game in its genre. From the moment you walk off the docks in Brooklyn, or Liberty City, you go on a free for all rampage around the city, stealing vehicles, whacking people and getting into all sorts of trouble in general."

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andron3799d ago (Edited 3799d ago )

But SR2 I sold after finishing it. Don't really understand why some don't like GTA IV.

SR2 got boring and repetitive fast after I had finished it. SR2 had some good points. Like being able to throw people and the weapon selection system. But I agree that GTA IV needs check points, so you won't have to drive to the mission again if you fail it...

Blaze9293799d ago

Guess its just taste becuase for some, like me, its the completely opposite. I'm not playing GTA4 anymore but instead SR2 alot more and i'm loving the co-op.

Snake Raiser3799d ago

but I would say it is still great. After you finish the whole friends thing gets a lot simpler. The mini games do suck. I just take them drinking and eating.

bmatthews3799d ago

poorly written article.

I agree with some of the points but, others were just plain stupid.

his reason 1 was the first sign of being pathetic, for you could say the same for every GTA ever released, what if I don't want to play an Italian-American Miami Mafioso? or a young black gang banger?

he makes it seem as if this is a "problem" to be had specifically with GTA IV.

Reason 2 and 4 are void because you can turn your mobile phone on sleep, effectively blocking out all non-mission calls. so no more hassling to go here and there...thus this is invalid.

lock on targeting works for me, and you could always use free-aim, it's not like the game does not have a Free-aim mode...pathetic.

reason #9 is so wrong it's unbelievable, another GTA IV "problem", eh?

not being able to access all parts of the map has been in every single GTA ever released, could you access Las Venturas or San Fiero at the start of GTA:San Andreas?? or Prawn Island in GTA:Vice City??

NO. why would that change in GTA IV..?

most of these reasons are void.

Tiberium3799d ago

"a 24/7 roadblock on all the bridges leaving the starting zone that magically opened as you progressed in the game, but magically stayed closed in other sections of the city."

What did they expect you to be able to do? Go across the whole US. And who says you have to go in the internet cafe or go bowling. More is better even if you don't want to do it.

LeShin3799d ago

He's referring to the fact that you can explore the entire Saints Row 2 map with NO roadblocks from the very beginning. Also, yeah you don't have to go bowling or play darts or go on those STUPID dates, but if you take all that out, what exactly does GTA 4 do more than Saints Row 2 except graphics? The mini-games in Saints Row 2 are a million times more fun than in GTA and that's the point in gaming. Fun.

Parappa The Rappa3799d ago (Edited 3799d ago )

Nico Bellic
Was a GREAT character to play.

Hardened criminal? Where did you get that impression? More like horny, big-dreamin' cousin. He was great, because we all have ATLEAST ONE FRIEND LIKE THAT.

Russian Accents
WTF would you know about Russian accents? What you've seen from movies? You mean the ones with Actors? That ARENT from EASTERN EUROPE? Perhaps you grew up there, which is why you know so much about the accents there? Douche.

You've obviously never had a REAL GIRLFRIEND. LMAO. They can be just as annoying. I guess your ladies on Second Life are easier for you to manage.

Seriously? SERIOUSLY?!?!?!?! F*ckin Whiner.
Thats why its called a MINI game. Its a small tedious task inside the game that stops you from completing the game too quickly.

Driving to Missions
A lot of people complain about the driving in this game. Whether its the controls, the feel, the physics, ect----im sorry, but, i do ALOT of awesome driving in real life, and I think the controls in this game are great when it comes to driving. Just because youre not good at something, doesn't make it bad.

Lock on Targeting
Try NOT locking on. Thats what the Big Kids are doing. Could also help not to suck so bad at the game to begin with. Free Aim is wonderful is you know how to use it.

Story is great. Characters are great. Im sorry its not as enthralling as PBS on a Friday Night. Stupid.

Gated Content
Didn't the last 3 games work the same way? What a stupid @$$hole.

A Whole Bunch of Other Things
A whole bunch of nothing. You suck at life buddy.


poindat3799d ago

Heh, did he even play GTA IV? Roman, a hardened criminal? You've got to be kidding me.

poindat3799d ago

But it wouldn't let me post it. Not trying to act like a GTA fanboy, but it is clear that there are so many things wrong with this list, so here's a rebuttal:

What a crap list. I can't believe you even took the time to type this trash out.

Having a single character is not only present in GTA IV. Almost every game thrusts you into the life of a certain character.

Roman is not a hardened criminal. How you came to this conclusion, I have no idea. Maybe you didn't play the game.

Russian accents - I hope you never have to visit Russia. What a useless point. Maybe I don't like the voices in SR2.

Girlfriend - Wait... you did play the game, right? You can turn the phone off. No more hassling calls. Problem solved, hooray! And girlfriends are entirely optional. Save for one mission, you never have to talk to one again.

Bowling is optional save for one mission. Nobody is forcing you to bowl, so don't act like they are.

Don't you have to drive to missions in - I don't know - every sandbox game? Wait, hold on... I don't think you played the game. If you did you would know that YOU CAN RESTART THE MISSION FROM THE PHONE.

You can turn lock - on targeting off. Nobody is forcing you to use it, so don't act like they are. In the case that you are so unskilled that you need lock on targeting - I don't think you should be gaming.

The story seemed to get more and more exciting and action packed for me as it went along.

Gated content - really? Every GTA has had this gated content. You must be one of those people who download save files after playing the game for 5 minutes because you want to have everything from the get go. It's called motivation, something which you lack. You know, I don't know of a single game where you can play through all the levels in any order you want and skip to the last level. What would be the point of a game if you had everything from the start? I don't know about you, but knowing there are new places out there sure motivates me to continue through the game.

A whole bunch of other things? What was the point of this? If you are going to say that, at least list the other things and offer explanation. By the way, the internet, television, and pigeons are once again entirely optional. Why complain about something that is optional? That is like complaining about having extra channels on the television that you don't watch. There is just no point.

Yeah this turned into a long winded rant, but whatever. I myself haven't touched GTA IV in a while, but its quite obvious that you have either A) not played it at all or B) not experienced it to the full or C) are nitpicking about things that don't even matter. And I hate that.

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