Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Devs Explain in Detail the Reason for Removing Stamina Bar

Team Ninja discusses in detail the reason for removing the stamina bar in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty.

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Zeke6870d ago

I'm REALLY REALLY looking forward to this game!! Pre-ordered PSVR2 with a few games and this "non-VR" will make next year one of, if not, THE best beginning of a gamingyear for me.
Only way to top it would be to release Blodborne II. That would make it GOAT of all time for me.
Plus all other great games that will be released first half of next year for PS5. Good times! :)

robtion70d ago

I think this game will be great and I will be purchasing it. That said, based on the demo it is basically Nioh 3. Making up a bunch of excuses for removing a stamina bar just confirms it. How can you remove something from a game that is the first in an 'original' series? Fans of Nioh should be excited for this game. Anyone who thinks this is not Nioh 3 with some inconsequential changes, bring it ;)

SurgicalMenace70d ago

While there are apparent similarities, the combat alone is so much deeper than Nioh. This is coming from an individual who deems Nioh 1/2 to be the best souls game to date, with only Sekiro coming in a close second.

Soulsborne70d ago

my most anticipated game next year , along with elden ring DLC ofcourse.

SurgicalMenace70d ago

The demo puts the combat in every soul's game to shame I can't wait for the full release. Elden who?

anast70d ago

I hope you're right. I'm hyped.

Welshy70d ago

You don't have to put another game down to appreciate the quality of a game. Wo Long and Elden Ring both have strengths and weaknesses, we should just be happy that we get to enjoy both of these games.

SurgicalMenace70d ago

Putting down?? Not acknowledging an aged combat is far from putting down. Some people don't like the same things as you, sorry to break it to you. Calm down....

Welshy69d ago

This is an article discussing Wo Long, not an article criticising Elden Ring combat, why would anyone need acknowledge that here?

I'm pretty calm dude, I think you might be projecting a little.

SurgicalMenace69d ago

Listen, analogies and comparisons are a part of the English language no need to get but hurt over a video game. My views of the game are of little consequence and serve to change nothing that you may think. This is not a topic of complexity.