Resident Evil 5 PC Release Date Rumors

rehorror writes:

"The prominent german magazine GameStar (PC only) recently had a preview of Resident Evil 5 in it. They're expecting that the PC version will hit arround summer 2009."

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Marcello3796d ago

Oh God please let it be true, i guess i will stil get it for PS3 in the meantime :)

TheIneffableBob3795d ago

After seeing what Capcom did with Devil May Cry 4, I expect good things from the PC version of Resident Evil 5.

Charmers3795d ago

Yeahhhhh another crappy console game I have no interest in playing whatsoever on the PC. But it will get released on the PC get sod all sales and they will blame piracy. Seriously how much of a hint do PC gamers have to give Capcom.

FantasyStar3795d ago

Wow, that was kinda out of character Charmers. /=?

LeonSKennedy4Life3795d ago


I just hope there's a modding community like on RE4 for the PC. That's one of the best modding scenes around.

FantasyStar3795d ago

I'd argue that CS and HL are one of the best modding communities around. You can frickin recreate a game!! Goldeneye: Source. Half-Life: Source?

LeonSKennedy4Life3795d ago

I agree there. I love Garry's Mod too.

richierich3795d ago

I hope it dosent get released for the PC it kinda ruins the game when the modding community gets it on torrents.

kittoo3795d ago

Just because there are people who pirate doesn't mean those who are genuine buyers and who want to play on best graphics settings (obviously the PC version will look lot better than console version) with added mouse support and some other goodies don't have right to get a game.
If a developer was saying that they don't want to release the game on PC because of piracy, I would have understood but how the hell it ruins the game for you when a developer releases a game on PC?

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