Images Of Halo Infinite's Season 3 Maps Leaked

The new maps titles "Oasis: An ancient gift. A new genesis, and Cliffhanger: High altitude. Highly classified" are set to release soon.

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Jin_Sakai64d ago

Honestly I don’t think people care about Halo Infinite at this point. Hardly anyone is playing it compared to other shooters.

Lifexline64d ago (Edited 64d ago )

what are you talking about there is a very active user base that is always online it’s very active. I just played it two days ago It never takes more then 30 seconds to find a match: are you trolling or what??

People still care about it you should rephrase it as “I” don’t care about halo even though I go to a halo article just to comment on it shows where your life is at lol.

Jin_Sakai64d ago (Edited 64d ago )

“what are you talking about there is a very active user base that is always online it’s very active.”

Halo Infinite is currently not even in the top 100 played games in steam.

They only gained 1,163 players in the last 30 days on Steam. The winter update didn’t boost player count much at all.

Currently streaming on Twitch:

Modern Warfare - 11,700
Warzone 2.0 - 49,000
Apex Legend - 37,500
Fortnite - 32,000

>>>Halo Infinite - 328

Compared to other FPS it’s good as dead.

Lifexline63d ago (Edited 63d ago )

@jin ok thanks for confirming you’re just trolling and you have to Google it’s statistics as oppose to actually playing the game and seeing that it’s still very active.

It’s like going to a restaurant and your friend tells you it’s dead no one goes there and it’ sucks based on yelp reviews. But you tell him you are actually at the restaurant and it’s packed and everyone is having fun. but the loser friend is basing everything sitting alone at home from his computer or phone lmao that’s you jin

343_Guilty_Spark64d ago

You must haven't seen what's being done in Forge.

Elit3Nick64d ago

The player count skyrocketed with the release of the last update due to Forge. This is far from a dead game, especially when the custom games browser comes out.

FinalFantasyFanatic64d ago

Great, I quite the game before Forge came out, now I have to re-download it if I want to play.