UK Games Chart for Week Ending 27 Dec 2008 - All Platforms

GamingShogun writes, "Here are the top ten games in the UK right now based on sales. The top four spots seem to be just rearranging themselves from last week's, with Call of Duty: World at War now in the top spot.

Current Position / Game / Previous Position
1 / Call of Duty: World at War / 2
2 / FIFA 09 / 1
3 / Need for Speed: Undercover / 4
4 / Mario Kart Wii / 3
5 / Wii Play / 6
6 / Tomb Raider: Underworld / 9..."

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Hal Emmerich3631d ago

No Gears, no LBP, no Fable, no Resistance, no Motorstorm, no Fallout, no Prince of Persia, no Left 4 Dead and no Valkyrie Chronicles.

We need to buy better games!

interrergator3631d ago

need for speed undercover wasnt that the worst game to buy?? and mario kart wii wth

Daves3631d ago

was the worst game, sadly

Oztheboss3630d ago

Needs to get off their fooking arses and market their bread and butter better.