PS3 Keyboard Remote Is Elegant Solution To Home Chatting

Rather than rely on a controller add-on or a full blue tooth keyboard, Success HK has just released a 3-in-1 wireless keyboard controller that provides a more convenient way to navigate PlayStation Home.

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kenjix3794d ago

for a second I thought this was from a credible source. I don't even have to read it, these guys are only worth my time for leaving a negative comment

dukadork3794d ago

"we suck M$'s c0ck harder than anyone else on the web"

LevDog3794d ago

Wow that is actually pretty awesome.. The PS3 remote I always thought was not needed.. If your playing a movie.. Just use your controller.. You just need to hit play.. But one with a Keyboard can actually be useful..

I wonder if stores sell it..

_Q_3794d ago

I wouldnt mind using that badboy hell and at 28 bucks its a deal

ukilnme3794d ago

Indeed. I'll be picking one up.

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The story is too old to be commented.