(Interview) Phil Harrison: Our Competitors Don't Determine Our Line-up

With a console that's been branded future proof numerous times, it's vital to Sony's succes that PlayStation 3 continues to evolve (both via software and firmware revisions). Speaking to 1UP last week at DICE, Phil Harrison, President, Worldwide Studios, Sony Computer Entertainment, discussed how the platform would evolve, if the PlayStation Network can catch up with Microsoft's Xbox Live and reminded us that Sony is in the videogame industry to make money.

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marionz5704d ago

im sure the ps3 will have a healthy life, the ps2 still sells well so ps3 will be around for some time, i dont think the ps3 lives up to the hype but what does now days, sony probably wont win the console war this time or probably next but they its good to have compitition, hopefully they fix their online, that and the games are what are really letting them down at the moment

THAMMER15704d ago

The developers do. They need to make back the money they put into it. So yeah the developer. I feel for Phill he is getting hammered by every one.