Xbox and PlayStation don’t expect to launch new consoles until at least 2028, documents reveal

The companies discussed next-gen console timing in relation to Xbox’s Activision deal.

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XiNatsuDragnel11d ago (Edited 11d ago )

I'm not surprised there it wouldn't any later.

blackblades10d ago

Yeah, also doubt of a mid gen TBH. It could happen but I just doubt it. All the people waiting for it good luck to you. Time going by fast and it should be getting easier to get a ps5 and Xbox better hop on it asap.

ActualEngineer10d ago (Edited 10d ago )

As an actual ENGINEER, you are clueless and mid-gen is inevitable. A certain node in tsmc or samsung or intel cannot be produced indefinitely, as the actual buildings where production takes place are special anti-sysmic clean-rooms with VERY high running costs and expensive to hire and train stuff. These factories within factories are updated constantly in certain predefined cycles and time schedules.

As such, as time goes by it doesn't actually become cheaper to produce a certain node (for example the 7nm tsmc) in the same factory, so the chip manufacturers keep moving the production cycle from one factory to the next, inorder to produce the next node while the current factory is updated with new equipment to house future nodes. Inorder for a node to keep being produced, the actual building must stay intact and maintained and production needs to move somewhere secondary, but this still doesn't guarantee that the node production will reduce in costs to the buyer. Even the automobile industry, 5 years ago, was forced by the manufacturers to move to a more modern node.

Now it is actually CHEAPER to shrink the architecture and use a smaller die in a newer node than to keep producing the same node. This is why we see mid-gen slim models that are cheaper ... this is because the actual chip is on a new node, has shrunk and uses ALSO less power ... producing less heat. If on that NEW node you were to produce dies of the same size then you would be making a PRO faster version of the same console.

All in all CLUELESS, you know nothing.

blackblades10d ago

@ActualEngineer cool long story bro for someone else to read thats not me.

ActualEngineer10d ago (Edited 10d ago )

Oh also I forgot that there is a faster version of PS5 and Xbox series X ALREADY out there, on the same architecture and node. When you create chips, you design them with capabilities higher of what they will actually use. Then you create a base-line for performance and you lock each chip into that threshold. This happens because some clusters within a chip might not be functional in some chip units while almost all clusters might be functional in another. Then you can stock the better binned chips that use almost the whole structure and only sell the lower binned ones. When the production has yielded enough "good" chips from a certain node, you then sell a product in it's "PRO" version, because now you have a big enough stock to call it a product.

This is what nvidia does with their rtx xx80 to rtx xx99 ti super ... they use the same chip but the xx80 is released first with the stock from all the "bad" unit chips and when production has yielded enough "good" units, they release the rtx xx90 ti super (or how ever they gonna call it)

andy8510d ago

You also know nothing. The Pro models were made to try and capitalise on the 4K boom. Now personally I think it is possible we will see one but it certainly isn't guaranteed. Especially since the original isn't fully in stock yet. This time last gen we were only several months away from the Pro version releasing. And you can't compare PC. Them making a TI version of a card is wildly different than making a pro version console. Until Sony or Microsoft announce one you're absolutely clueless as well.

CobraKai10d ago

You ain’t an actual engineer dude. Calm down.

ActualEngineer10d ago

@andy85 lol go read IGN, you don't even understand what in saying... no worries though cpu architecture requires an actual FUNCTIONING brain to understand.

@CobraKai how old are you, like 12?! Spent 5 years studying in a university Industrial Design Engineering and Robotics, I have experience in IOT, Cybernetics, Computer Science, Robotics, Mechatronics and MAINLY Industrial Design of Electronics. I passed Nanotechnology with a 10/10 ... now go read a book child.

CobraKai9d ago

Sure you did. I can do the same thing. I’m an actual GAME DEVELOPER and you are CLEARLY CLUELESS.

See what I did there. So calm down. No need to be all aggro, cuz the only one that needs some growing up around here is you. Mr “actual” engineer.

andy856d ago

@actualenginner only just seen this and 3 days later you're still a clown.

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isarai11d ago

I mean covid really seems to have delayed the whole "next gen" experience we usually see by now in a generation, but we're still in cross gen territory. So i dont mind extending the life of the console to make up for that.

Kurt Russell10d ago

I feel the same. Really happy with their current capabilities, I just want to see them utilised more. I imagine there would be a "slim" model at some stage though.

The Switch though... please Nintendo, I want to see a power bump. 30FPS ruins the magic of your games.

jznrpg10d ago (Edited 10d ago )

It’s the lag and crashing that bothers me . Xenoblade 3 is the best example I’ve seen so far . Occasional Crashes and lag during battles of more than 2 enemies

kingnick8d ago

Lastgen and currentgen consoles being x86 APU's with similar architectures has helped make scalability a lot easier.

Pretty remarkable what developers were able to get out of the even at launch outdated Jaguar cores in the PS4 and XO.

Even if lastgen consoles didn't exist developers would still have to make their games scale to low-end PCs.

M3talDiamond11d ago

Im just glad that there are more consoles planned and no forced streaming services

Nyxus11d ago

I just hope they will still have a disc drive and support physical media.

blackblades10d ago

I know Sony will and still go the traditional way route period.

MrVux00010d ago

This is my main concern.

I am not worried if there will be new consoles (there will be), but in what shape or form?

Will it be a streaming device or digital only? These are the questions right now.

That aside, i am not remotely surprised by the expectations of 2028 and later. As soon as Jim Ryan stated that they plan to support PS4 up to 3-4 year post PS5 launch, i knew this might be a longer generation than previous.

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Number1TailzFan10d ago

Ouch, that's going to sting for performance. They'll have to release those Pro ones in the next couple of years though no doubt.

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