Death Stranding 2: Will Hideo Kojima's Sequel Deliver?

Hideo Kojima has remained silent about what his studio is working on next. However, many rumours and leaks have revealed it to be a sequel to his 2019 horror sci-fi video game, Death Stranding. Here's what we would like to see in Death Stranding 2.

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CrimsonWing6966d ago

I feel like with the first being a bit experimental, he knows what people enjoyed and didn’t from and can make a solid foundation for the sequel. I really enjoyed aspects of the first, but the gameplay loop kind of wore me out. Im hoping this next one will be more accessible to people who couldn’t get into the first.

The story is super interesting and original.

Vithar66d ago

"deliver" the key word here lol

YourMommySpoils66d ago

100% it will. The first was a beautifully executed, breath of fresh air with a fantastic concept and amazing graphics. Just working on that alone, the next will be phenomenal.