Sony and Microsoft need to stop using the press to fight over Activision merger

Both Sony and Microsoft continue to use press websites to argue over the Activision merger and attempt to control public discourse about the deal.

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SullysCigar64d ago

Seems to me more like the press are dining out on the drama coming from the statements made to the CMA.

That includes

blackblades64d ago

Exactly what I was going to say, they one reporting on every little detail. One word becomes a full article.

chronoforce61d ago

The article concerns statements made directly to the press including ones that don't appear in any response to a regulatory body even in a redacted form. Both Spencer and Ryan made statements to and the NYT to a name a few.

For example, Phil Spencer spoke directly to The Verge about an agreement they offered to Sony in January and Jim Ryan replied when he spoke to

darkrider64d ago

Nope, they need to use even more. People need to see the lies being use by trillion dollar company to justify taking multiple franchises from everybody and put only available in one of the consoles... And the smallest market.

Flawlessmic64d ago

Wow literally almost every new artincle on n4g is about this dam war over activisio i cant wait to hear the end of the bickering from both companies and sets of fans.

Hearing about this is tiring tbh, I have all 3 consoles so I'm good whichever way this goes down.

I tend to lean towards Sony's side on this argument but if I was in Ms shoes, with the absolute beat downs Sony has given them throughput the yrs, I'd flopping my big dick on table aswell and spending whatever I needed to to get back into the game.

Can see it from both sides, not a fan of what Ms is doing buying up massive publishers, and for the record I think Sony would be fine without cod, massive loss of revenue for sure nothing that would end Sony though, far from it.

Both companies doing what they need to to get the edge or maintain there edge.

Just can't wait for it to be over so we don't need to hear the same tired arguments on a daily basis, just wish they would both shut up lol

jznrpg63d ago (Edited 63d ago )

Court cases have public filings so it’s the press using the court papers . Do your job and know how things work

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