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Paul writes: "The story starts slow, but picks up pace, and the combat is fun, so Star Ocean The Divine Force does enough to get a decent mark"

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shinoff218376d ago

Didn't kill the game like I've seen other reviewers. So that's good.

They bring up personal 5 though. I'll be honest I'd take this star ocean over persona 5 anyway. I liked the older persona games but I absolutely hate the look of 5. I love the way star ocean looks. It might not be top notch but the way it looks is more my taste. One day I'll try persona 5 and might feel foolish it's just the overly anime look of it kills it for me. I know graphics aren't everything I still play new and snes games but just something about it.

jznrpg75d ago

Star Ocean is an action-rpg and Persona is turned based . Not sure why they compared them