2023 Could End Up Being The Biggest Year In Xbox Game Pass History

Fraser Gilbert writes, "As we fast approach the end of the year, it's already time to look ahead to what Xbox has in store for us in 2023."

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darkrider11d ago

I think Phil Spencer already told this in the past...

Flawlessmic10d ago

It dam well better be!!!!!

By the time they release anything of note we could be looking at 15 months or more since a proper big release which is just a joke, this yr has been a joke.

Joke has been on us series x owners.

In saying that I am absolutely hanging for forza and star field, 2 of my most wanted games.

Can't wait to see how forza stacks up against and hopefully improves upon what gt7 gave us, despite some flaws I loved gt7 and put in 170hrs.

But yea Microsoft has some serious making up to do, bloody lack lustre to say to the least so far.

SurgicalMenace10d ago

Wouldn't it make more sense to just buy those games instead of GP?

Flawlessmic10d ago

I'm slightly confused, do you want to expand a bit on your comment?

SurgicalMenace10d ago

I was talking about Forza and Stanfield.

10d ago
Ninver9d ago (Edited 9d ago )

We've been looking ahead for a decade nothings changed.

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