EXCLUSIVE: Hands on with Tekken 5 for PS3

It's no secret among Tekken players that Tekken 3 was the series' best showing. That's why it was such great news that Tekken 5 was a much-needed return to form for Namco's flagship fighter, as well as one of the prettiest PS2 games ever released.

Well, you ain't seen nothing yet. Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection, a sort of expansion to the original Tekken 5, was quietly released in arcades last year, and also made a surprisingly great showing on the handheld PSP. But now it's headed to the PlayStation 3 as an exclusive downloadable game, and Gamepro got the first hands-on experience with the final U.S. release code.

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spacetoilet4888d ago

Hmmm, I would prefer a proper Ps3 build of a Tekken game but this will have to do for now I guess. Oh, and that footnote to the article in gamepro....about what they would like to see in Tekken 6, WTF! Yoshimitsu, 'over the top' character? That comment right there, proves how $hit and clueless about fighting games that guy is. If he was a 'long time Tekken player' as they say, he would know that if you can master Yoshimitsu, you can OWN in any Tekken. And 'gritty' look ala Gears of War? Finishing moves? Jesus, any decent fight game fan will tell you that
the Japanese know their art, and their $hit, and Mortal Kombat games are absolute button mashing crap.

marionz4888d ago

seems like each new instalment is getting steadily worse and worse, heres hopeing they manage to bring tekken back up to date as the king of fighters!

bigmack4888d ago

should i really get this for the PSN. I mean, i have it for the ps2 and i gave that game so many hours to unlock everything. (Yes everything)all the items,endings,scores,minigameJ in,and it took me forver to raise alot of money.. Yea its new and have more stuff and the boss is playable and new levels and gallery is added but.. thats it. It still looks like the ps2 graphics in a way. VF5 looks way better. So what do you say...should i get it.