Sony claims Microsoft’s ‘true strategy’ is to ‘make PlayStation like Nintendo’

From VGC: "Sony has claimed that Microsoft’s “true strategy” behind its proposed acquisition of Activision Blizzard is to have PlayStation “become like Nintendo” and not compete in the 18-rated shooter space.

The comments were made in a newly-published response to UK regulator CMA’s decision to expand its investigation into the proposed acquisition.

In its 22-page response, Sony Interactive Entertainment alleges that if the deal were to go through, Microsoft would raise prices, users would leave PlayStation’s ecosystem, and independent developers would be harmed in the fallout."

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Superlink52011d ago

As good as this company is at making games I just can't wrap my head around their fear of losing COD. I just...I don't get it.

darkrider11d ago (Edited 11d ago )

You don't get that Cod is one of the most played games in the world? Really. I'm not talking about the quality or being milked. Like fifa in Europe is a massive seller.

It's also the name of the franchise, casuals just buy it, by the millions each year.

You can't just make a war fps that can match the name of Cod. So many tried and failed.

And Microsoft gets more fps exclusives with that. Of course Microsoft says that Nintendo is successful, but Sony main target isn't the same of Nintendo.

Microsoft wants to kick out sony from all the major fps games. Let's also talk about doom and overwatch. Their strategy is clear. I could already see how Microsoft will market those games

gangsta_red11d ago

"Microsoft wants to kick out sony from all the major fps games"

The same way Sony kicked MS out the fighting scene by paying for exclusive rights to SFV and then buying EVO?

"You can't just make a war fps that can match the name of Cod"

Then take the 10 year deal MS offered Sony. By then Sony will have many of their exclusive live service, mp games that are in development out to it's fanbase.

That on top of Sony's own single player games should be more than enough to keep them the market leader.

Superlink52011d ago

No I don't get it. They're easily an amazing developer of games and it's clear as day with the likes of God of War. Not to mention their sales prove people buy their games. They have IPs that they could develop themselves and people would buy it. So no...I don't get how a company that can make great games is so afraid over COD.

That's like being a great cook and being able to make anything but you stopped making burgers at your chain and now that someone is buying McDonald's you're afraid of losing burgers when you can still make them yourself.

I don't care if Call of Duty or whatever ends up on Game Pass...I'll sure as shit download it if it does but I don't get how a company can make something amazing theirself and refuses to do that....especially after they were offered a 10 year were even given time to make it and not lose it.

darthv7211d ago (Edited 11d ago )

would this be another situation of Sony becoming complacent with their position in the industry? Meaning they didnt have to make any fps games to compete against CoD that they shelved them to allow their studios to do other stuff. Never thinking that CoD would be up for sale in their lifetime, let alone MS be the ones with the $$ to buy.

Now Sony is feeling like their decision has come back to bite them in the ass. Hence why they are trying so hard to slow this deal when they should turn their attention to getting the band (zipper) back together to make something people have been asking for. The return of SOCOM or MAG. something ONLY PS fans can play and call their own. CoD was never theirs... but they act as if it is now that it is changing hands.

Sony better start thinking up how to bring these old franchises back because what will they do when EA decides to sell and MS has the $$ to buy? There goes Battlefield too.

sinspirit11d ago


No, because SFV was never planned to be made during that time and Capcom was having financial issues and not sure what to make as their next game.

Why just CoD? What about the other Activision/Blizzard games? CoD is just the biggest example. Why is there no permenant verbage in contract the same as what Bungie and Sony have?


"would this be another situation of Sony becoming complacent with their position in the industry?"

Ope. You digged up and forced a dead topic to make a dig at Sony. Not applicable. They continue to nurture the market and grow third and first party developers and keep releasing GotY games consistently. They can't be the best in everything. That's like having a company that makes trucks and expecting them to easily make a top tier car. It's best to focus their efforts on their strengths just like they have been, grow and carry that market, and tackle their weaknesses organically.

Rynxie10d ago (Edited 10d ago )

So many tried and failed because they tried to copy it. People don't buy copies, they buy originals. If Sony spent the money to advertise and also let their franchise grow, they probably would have a top seller fps by now.

I honestly wish that they would bring back some of their classis fps or venture into a new franchise. Cod just runs like crap, the cheating, and so on. I know a Sony fps game would run and play better.

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SullysCigar11d ago

Here's a better article (submitted before this one), that outlines Sony's response more directly.

It makes clear their concerns, which are all aligned with the CMA phase 1 decision.

darthv7211d ago (Edited 11d ago )

The selling point for CoD is the multiplayer. Sony had a great multiplayer game... a huge one in fact. MAG would make an awesome return for the current gen if they really wanted it to. Same with other big titles like SOCOM, Killzone and Resistance. I'm guessing its cheaper to just buy into a big multiplayer franchise than task their teams with making one that may / may not be as appealing.

JackBNimble11d ago

Socom4 was so bad and the fans hated it and complained so much , that Sony canned the franchise and dissolved Zipper interactive.

shinoff218311d ago

I think it's mainly the name. Casuals and alot of them would dip to Xbox. Casuals don't care about exclusives. Far as kill zone and Socom resistance I'm sure dropped them due to sales so explain how they'd fill the void. You guys are just throwing sh at the wall at this point.

curtain_swoosh11d ago

money and overall userbase. if its exclusive for one platform, people go there to play it.

its not that difficult to understand if you do research for 5 mins or use your brain.

shinoff218311d ago

Maybe take u our Xbox supplied goggles off

Superlink52011d ago

Because that's what it is lol I'm legit explaining how I know they're an amazing company that develops amazing games which I truly enjoy. I just don't get this "we lose COD we are dead" mentality.

TheLigX11d ago

How do you not get it? Cod is the biggest entertainment franchise on the planet. That’s including movies… walling it off to one ecosystem is incredibly harmful to the market…

northpaws11d ago

If you can say words and keep the competitor from buying off one of the biggest games, why not at least try?

343_Guilty_Spark11d ago (Edited 11d ago )

COD is more popular than any Sony franchise

People will buy A PS5 just to play COD. They won't touch anything else.

honkler3211d ago

They'd lose a lot of money. This isn't hard to figure out😑

Wrex36911d ago

Honestly I'm reading through it there's many bad arguments all the way through it. Pretty ridiculous to think they csnt survive without it lol

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vTuro2410d ago

It's literally one of the biggest franchises in the world. Regardless of your opinion on it, losing it is a big deal from a business perspective.

Exvalos10d ago

You kidding me? COD is guaranteed passive income for Sony they literally don't have to do anything and it generates millions upon millions every year of course there terrified of losing it.

jwillj2k410d ago

COD users bring in a billion of dollars for SONY via hardware and software sales. This is why they fear losing it.

"PlayStation users that play Call of Duty generated around X% of total spending (around billion) on hardware,
peripherals, subscriptions, games, and other PlayStation services"


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locomorales11d ago

Sony strategy is the same, make Sony like Nintendo.

darkrider11d ago

Really? Pokemon like gow? Do they seem the same type of game to the same type of gamers?

TheProfessional11d ago (Edited 11d ago )

If it was reversed everyone would be saying "sonyy making bossz moves!" and none of you would be complaining about the acquisition.

shinoff218311d ago

I'd call it out as bs myself. Sa.e way I did when ms bought zenimax. These are established games that sold very very good on both systems. I plan on buying an Xbox at some point probably used. Can't support ms sheep in wolves clothing like that

TricksterArrow11d ago

Not really, because if this was reversed, Sony would be Microsoft.

lonewolf1011d ago

and not compete in the 18-rated shooter space

Restart Resistance Fall of Man, that was bloody good. Sony can do these games, yes CoD sells but that doesn't mean Sony can't bring anything to the table.

Extermin8or3_11d ago

They tried this abd they didn't sell and lost money on them and in sony's eyes lowered their brands pedigree by getting lower review scores.

SonyStyled11d ago

Iirc Resistance 3 sold 800k launch week, which was under expectations. Though Insomniac did say it was “plenty” in question to not meeting sales expectations, about 3 weeks later they announced they weren’t making any more Resistance games. Ten years ago

Asplundh11d ago

Or Socom, that seems closer to COD than any of their other ips.

arkard11d ago

A third person, tactical, 1 death per round game is the same as a First person twitch shooter based around respawns?

Profchaos11d ago

Restart SOCOM regardless same as killzone

Asplundh11d ago (Edited 11d ago )

You don't play COD do you? It has a campaign, half the mp modes are 1 life and the latest has a third person mode.

shinoff218311d ago

It may have been good to those that played it but they stopped making it for a reason. Sales

WelkinCole11d ago

yep heck there is KZ2, MAG, Warhhawk among others

Superlink52011d ago

I'm pretty sure I said the same thing and got hyper down voted...idk...maybe my name makes a bad look.

LoveSpuds10d ago (Edited 10d ago )

Sony are not suggesting they cannot make a game of the quality of COD, lots of people are completely missing the point.

What Sony have stated is that COD is a juggernaut AAA which is released annually by virtue of having thousands of developers across loads of studios working on them, and this is what other publishers cannot match. Releasing a AAA game with these production values on an annual basis would be almost impossible to achieve for anyone.

This is before you acknowledge that COD had over a decade headstart in the market and no matter how good a new franchise was, even if it were a higher rated game, it still couldn't compete with COD's numbers.

This has nowt to do with Sony seeing the quality of COD as unbeatable, it is about competing with a juggernaut on an annual release cycle.

KillBill10d ago

Right. I mean if Sony is only relying on COD for their FPS competing with other consoles then they are NOT competing. Simple as that. Sony has so many IPs that they can bring back and compete with FPS gaming like COD. I mean they just purchased Bungie did they not? Can they not of the many developers they own put together a team that can bring the likes of Killzone, Resistance, Haze even. Any of these IPs can be brought back with a great team behind them. And any could offer competition in the FPS space. They could even bring back an FPS SOCOM!!!! And the only thing hurting them in terms of competition with actual COD is the fact they will make it exclusive.

sinspirit10d ago

Thinking they could simply just take down CoD even with access to better talent is like saying any brand could make a better nacho flavored chip than Dorito's, better cola than Coke, better candy bars than Nestlē, etcetera. Those brands are so big. You could make better products but you don't have the recognition even if you have higher quality. It doesn't work like that at all. They have tried to compete many times and the consumers voted with their wallets. They want CoD. They want originals, not imitations. Do I want a new Sony shooter? Absolutely. Will I play it? Absolutely. I don't care much for CoD myself. But, this has nothing to do with the topic.. should MS be allowed to buy the devs of one of the absolute biggest franchises to exist, as well as several other number 1 placeholders across several genres. Remember this next time you think it's that easy to make a better product and ask yourself why others hadn't thought of doing that. It's because it can't compete and I guarantee you can find examples where they've tried. MAG, KillZone, Resistance. Look at Sony sales and you'll see how smart they are not to try and compete with the biggest third party games and to instead specialize in what the market lacks.

KillBill8d ago

@sinspirit ~ you are making the fallacy that many make. Competing does not mean taking down the competition. It means being able to share a market with successful results. Xbox is now competing with PlayStation... they aren't "taking down" PlayStation but competing in their market. As well Microsoft has many FPS games on it's console and is known as the FPS console while "PlayStation is known for its amazing story-driven single-player games". Not because Microsoft beats COD with the games it has but the fact they compete. Sony can choose to do the same. they choose not to... simple as that. Sony is focused on results of end money instead of investment that shores up needs and over-all diversity where it is lacking. Their inability to see they need to rejuvenate their own FPS offerings has been their Achilles heal... Bungie acquisition has pointed to a change possibly in that thinking? But they still need to be able to invest in game titles that aren't only the level of Spider-Man earnings to solidify an FPS market presence.

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gangsta_red11d ago (Edited 11d ago )

"Sony Interactive Entertainment alleges that if the deal were to go through, Microsoft would raise prices, users would leave PlayStation’s ecosystem, and independent developers would be harmed in the fallout.""

“Human sacrifice! Dogs and cats living together! Mass hysteria!”

Funny to read that MS would raise the prices considering that Sony has done it themselves already. Sony seems to be in ultra desperate mode pulling out these imaginative stories of what MS will do.

Didn't Sony say their strength lies in their single player, emotional, cinematic single player games, so why are they so concerned about multiplayer FPS games all of a sudden?

Sony already has a few live service and MP games in development, they bought a few devs to make them, there's rumors of a Horizon MMO in development, why are they worried that Xbox will be considered the FPS console when Xbox was slammed throughout the years of being just that.

If they're that concerned about people leaving their ecosystem, bring back Socom, Resistance, MAG and take the 10 year CoD deal MS offered.

arkard11d ago

Those games don't sell, you know that and sony knows that. Casuals buy COD on name alone they care about nothing else. Those casuals maybe will buy some of sonys exclusives as long as they have the console, but they won't buy the console just for them. They will buy the only console cod will be on and stay there.

GoodGuy0911d ago (Edited 11d ago )

God I miss MAG. Sony should really try these old abandoned ips again for multiplayer. Ps3 owners didn't like anything other than cod back then but things may be different now with ppl being more open to other games. They'll also need to do day one for pc also for their online games because most influencers play over there.

darthv7211d ago

you know... this could be a ploy. Sony trying to throw people off their real intentions by playing the 'potential' victim here. They don't care about CoD at all... they are using this situation to drum up sympathy for them so then when the time comes to reveal their master plan (resurrecting their previous multiplayer games) it will be to thunderous applause. Like when people saw Kratos appear from the shadows in the teaser trailer for GoW 2018.

Of course that is all just conspiracy theory / speculation bs... haha

gangsta_red11d ago

"They don't care about CoD at all.."

This i believe is actually true. sony doesn't care about the MS/Activision deal or MS owning CoD. MS has repeatedly said that they would continue to support CoD on PS. If Sony was truly concerned about their players they would take the deal for the 10 years, including parity across all platforms.

The reason Sony is crying and playing up sympathies is because they're afraid of MS putting CoD on GP day and date for their console and PC while PS only users would have to pay $70+ for the game, making CoD on Xbox/PC that more attractive.

That and the possibility of MS offering DLC and other content for "free" for GP users as they did with Gears. This would also be more attractive than having to spend extra dollars on PS or being a non GP subscriber.

Of course Sony can't use this as an excuse to sabotage the deal so they're now coming up with these ridiculous statements even when coming off of a successful GoW launch and a day and date game Stray winning an award.

SonyStyled11d ago

They spent $70 billion dollars on publishers and their studios. I don’t see why they wouldn’t want to raise prices. And if one doesn’t want to pay $70-$80 dollars on games, they bait you into gamepass for $20/month.

343_Guilty_Spark10d ago

They spent billions on Bethesda and didn't raise prices

curtain_swoosh11d ago

Not only Sony raised their pirces. lets not play the blame game.

theh were saying MS would raise the price for the playstation versions.

11d ago
343_Guilty_Spark10d ago

Sony wouldn't take a 40 year deal. It would help MSFT's case....making them out to be the business that works respectfully with their rivals.

OmegaSoldati10d ago

Yep Sony is rising prices. They did this to their console just weeks ago. Playstation5 got lighter, its selling more but they are rising the prices and not doing anything against scalpers. Not to mention the rumors about the 70$ price on games that they were pushing before this gen even started, back in 2019. Sony is crying over something they do all the time.

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Extermin8or3_11d ago (Edited 11d ago )

It is. Microsoft is clearly using same tactics it used against netsoft in 90's and many other companies. Giving stuff away for free or dirt cheap and eating the losses in order to acquire market share from which they can dominate and bleed a competitor out

DOMination-11d ago

Sony did the same stuff to Sega in the 90s.

TricksterArrow11d ago (Edited 11d ago )

To be fair, Sega kinda killed itself, tho. So much mismanagement... It's really baffling.

FinalFantasyFanatic10d ago

Sega's demise was mostly self-inflicted regardless of what anyone says, it was a string of bad decisions on their part that ruined them in the end.