SSL broken: Hackers create rogue CA certificate using MD5 collisions

Using computing power from a cluster of 200 PS3 game consoles and about $700 in test digital certificates, a group of hackers in the U.S. and Europe have found a way to target a known weakness in the MD5 algorithm to create a rogue Certification Authority (CA), a breakthrough that allows the forging of certificates that are fully trusted by all modern Web browsers.

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Blackmoses3672d ago

LMAO!!! oh boy!! That's some funny crap!
....really it isn't.

infekt3672d ago

Wow. I didn't realize the cell would be used to power so many things outside of gaming. It truly is a powerhouse.

uie4rhig3672d ago

hmm luckily it is for research purposes and i do hope that they wont publish how they exactly did this lol.. coz i dont wanna go to some random website saying that it is legit while its not lol

devilhunterx3672d ago

looks like the PS3 light is still shinning.

Shadow Man3672d ago

Now we know why software sales are low, with a 18 million hardware base.

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