Deliver Us Mars Preview: Deliver Us the Moon follow up is looking light years ahead - GW

From GameWatcher: "How best to build a sequel for an understated hit of a game? Perhaps KeokeN Interactive has the right idea with Deliver Us Mars, the follow-up to Deliver Us the Moon.

Deliver Us Mars is, on paper, a proper sequel, but its story works in a standalone fashion, and KeokeN has big ambitions for a bigger scope. From what I’ve seen, I’d liken the jump from Moon to Mars as large as the one between A Plague Tale: Innocence and Requiem. The same underlying formula, with a lot more blockbuster goodies layered on top. It’s an increasingly welcome trend to have smaller names in the development space bridging the gap that exists below the heavyweights of the industry. Hopefully, Deliver Us Mars continues that trend in the same positive manner."

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