The Callisto Protocol Season Pass Unlocks New Death Animations

The official Steam page of The Callisto Protocol Season Pass reveals unlockable extra new death animations for the protagonist and enemies.

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Angyobangyo10d ago

Wait, isn’t this a single player game? Why in the hell is there a season pass, let alone death animations locked behind it?

SurgicalMenace10d ago

I mean there are several games that are single player with season passes.

CrimsonWing6910d ago

How do people act like this is anything new?

Arkham Knight had a season pass, Resident Evil 7 had a season pass, just look up single player games with season passes.

Welcome to 2022.

Ashunderfire8610d ago

Yea but a season pass for death animations? I never heard something so bad since Elder Scrolls Oblivion Horse Pad DLC LOL!!! Yong Yea one of my favorite youtubers talking about gaming, is definitely going to talk about this. That is bad man!!! No good.

Vengeance113810d ago (Edited 10d ago )


What are you even talking about? The season pass is for the STORY CONTENT. This is just normal regular paid DLC like hundreds of other games have where you get more story content with additional deaths added in. Why new deaths? It reeeeaallly doesnt take a genius to know that the deaths aren't in the core game because the new enemy types and new weapons that they will come up with next year aren't in the game yet. Duh!
How absolutely anyone is "upset" over this, is really incredible and just proves how gamers (tm) should not be listened to and just cry and whine about made up things.

Vithar10d ago

well that's weird LOL single player offline game with a season pass?da hell? Death animations DLC seems a bit much haha

0odama10d ago

I feel like you are thinking of a "Battle Pass", which is not the same as a Season Pass. Kakarot had a Season Pass, it's usually expanding single-player content that has not yet been developed.

CrimsonWing6910d ago

I feel like this is an age gap thing. Either that or it’s the first time any of these people have started a game.

Single player games had season passes since the beginning of DLC implementations. Hell, Gears of War 3 had a great season pass and this was back when they were like $15.

It blows my f*cking mind that people are shocked in 2022 that this is a thing.

EvertonFC10d ago

13 death animations behind a paywall is shite not gonna lie.
Got my £55 standard edition pre ordered and happy with that for a 12 hour game.

Sonic188110d ago

I'm more interested in the story DLC

Class_Viceroy10d ago

Death animations behind a pass is shit, correct.

But even more shit is giving a company money before the game is even released and having no idea if it’s even good.

I don’t get why people still do this in todays and age where information is at our fingertips the day of, or even days before the game is even released.

Like why are people giving away financial assets just to preorder a game

EvertonFC10d ago (Edited 10d ago )

I pre ordered for the digital pre download and also it's the original "deadspace" Devs so I'm happy buying it.
I've seen enough to be happy with a day1 purchase but agree pre ordering is for the most part a waste of time

Vengeance113810d ago

To all readers of this article, death animations are NOT locked behind a paywall. The creator came out to say that the article is wrong and that everything they made is in the game.
What this means is that the DLC has brand new content including new death animations. Absolutely nothing that was previously created has been "locked behind a paywall".

jznrpg10d ago (Edited 10d ago )

Same difference to me . Don’t make new ones if they aren’t in the game already or add them before launch . Nintendo did the same crap with Xenoblade 3 , new heroes in season pass dlc

FPS_D3TH10d ago (Edited 10d ago )

so you’re telling me you don’t want new enemies that would also in turn come with new content when you purchase dlc? Hmmm, odd.

ChubbyBlade10d ago

So…add DLC that isn’t done before launch…to the…game at launch?

My guy…

Vithar10d ago

who wants to pay for death animations lol isn't the point of gaming to not die? lol

Vengeance113810d ago (Edited 10d ago )

You are not "paying for death animations"
You are paying for the additional story content that the DLC brings, like every other DLC made.
Also this is Callisto Protocol, you will die hundreds of times.

ChubbyBlade10d ago

Thanks for sharing you didn’t actually read the article. Headlines exposing people once again

FPS_D3TH10d ago

@vengeance1138 apparently people here expect no new content when buying dlc. What they’re really trying to say is they just don’t want to buy dlc, for their sake I hope. They’re not making any logical sense otherwise

Noskypeno8d ago

I want them to have an advertisement saying you won't last 5 seconds playing this game

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