Jessica Mao Wasn’t Credited for Her Contributions to God of War Ragnarok’s Development

Justin from NoobFeed writes - Credit is a very important thing for people who work in certain industries, so when credit is summarily denied to someone, that can have negative consequences for your career going forward. The games industry is often particularly bad at giving the people who work on games the credit they deserve, and this is a big problem.

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justsomeoffdude10d ago

She was told her work didn't meet the criteria.. now while whatever determines that may or may not makes sense, it was the company's policy, her going to twitter and trying to force their hand only shows her immaturity. I hope she knows she's probably putting herself on the industry blacklist.

10d ago
jznrpg10d ago (Edited 10d ago )

She was an intern … for 2-3 months

CanadianTurtle9d ago

Although I think it was a dick-move for the company to not include her in the credits. I must say, she started acting like an entitled brat. I'm sorry bud, but you only worked as an intern for a short period of time and your influence in the project is nowhere near as big as you make it to be. Good luck finding another job in the industry with that level of entitlement.