Shuhei Yoshida on how Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest exclusives changed the fate of PlayStation

BIG Conference's Honorary Award recalls Japanese publishers' scepticism before releasing the PS1 in the mid-90s.

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Hofstaderman76d ago

At one point Sony held shares in Square, around 2000-2001. After the Spirits Within they resold these to Square but their partnership has always been amicable. Miss the old Square where they took risks: Xenogears, Threads of Fate, Brave Fencer Musashi, Front Mission, we won't see games like these ever again.

DarXyde76d ago

I think we can, because inevitably, developers can and should reel in their project budgets. I don't really need all the blockbusters that push hardware to their limits, honestly. I'm quite fond of smaller projects and indies. I had way too much fun with Hotline Miami back in the day, for instance.

They should absolutely bring back these types of games, even if the visuals and technology are super dated. Just integrate modern features. Great way to make compelling content and fundraiser for future projects. If a game is aiming to be beautiful, the critique is different, but if it leans into an art style or an era of gaming, I'm all for it. Just modernize it. Best example of how this can be done in recent memory is Persona 5.

Hofstaderman76d ago

True, unfortunately the commercial success of FFXV has otherwise sidelined them on to a certain mentality. I agree with you that certain concepts should take your approach, the question is whether the Square of today has the appetite for that when they so focused on trying to capture a younger gamer audience. One thing is for certain, the golden age of JRPGs was the 90's PlayStation era.

shinoff218375d ago

I hate the overly animal Ness of persona 5. Just turns me off. I loved the old personas

FinalFantasyFanatic76d ago

I just miss those gens of risk taking from multiple developers period, I don't really care that much for modern day Square-Enix, I just keep wishing for ports of their older games to modern systems. The 90's were a good time to be a gamer.

shinoff218375d ago

The golden age man. I liked dragon quest 11 alot. One of my fav jrpgs in the last 15 20 years. It was really enjoyable. I'm with you mostly I don't like square stuff as much as used to and want remasters of golden age stuff for my Playstation(personally) picked up ogre tactics. Wish I could find the couple other remasters they've done physically for ps4. Off topic oops. So yea. I hate that they are trying for the younger audience so hard. Personally I don't think most young gamers finish games. The few I know dont

FinalFantasyFanatic75d ago

I really enjoyed DQ 11 too, it was a good blend of old and new, although it mostly stuck closely to it's roots, that's what I liked about it.

shinoff218375d ago

He'll yea old square was great. Now they are just trying to make most of their games action games.