Phil Spencer says the cost of living is hurting Xbox, ‘we aren’t food or shelter’

The cost of living crisis has played a critical role in everyone’s lives, we all have to cut down and make hard decisions. However, the question remains: how does non-essential entertainment like games factor into this?

Recently CEO of Microsoft Gaming, Phil Spencer, talked about how the cost of living crisis has affected the likes of Xbox and what one of the biggest AAA companies is trying to do to help players during this time.

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blackblades65d ago

Phil spencer says season 5 episode 3 cost of living

MrVux00065d ago (Edited 65d ago )

Time to grab some popcorn for this episode ... this one seems tight!

Jin_Sakai65d ago (Edited 65d ago )

I assume episode 4 will be airing later today.

Season 6 must be right around the corner at this rate.

Gardenia65d ago

He is right though. People are saving buy a PS5.

rpvenom64d ago

Hahahaha thank you for giving me the laugh out loud moment of the day

Stanjara64d ago

I'm waiting till the end of the month just to binge read all the episodes. Season 4 was fantastic, so much promise, so many emotions. Person of the year again. let's go!!!

SullysCigar64d ago

I liked season 3, episode 5, where he said:

"Exclusives are completely counter to what gaming is about"

It just seemed so heartfelt and genuine... what a guy!!

darthv7264d ago

Is there an eBook or audible of the entire 'Spencer Speaks' series???

crazyCoconuts64d ago

There was a period of time it must have been off the air for a while and no new episodes. It's back now though! A new network must have picked the show up...

CrimsonWing6964d ago

This legit made me laugh. You, sir, win best comment of the day!

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XiNatsuDragnel65d ago ShowReplies(2)
lellkay65d ago

Lack of quality first party games is hurting Xbox.

TornRaptor65d ago

Is it, though? Xbox's seem to be selling just fine without big first party games. I do wonder if sales will change when they inevitably start releasing the big games.

ZwVw65d ago

They may be doing okay, but nowhere nearly as good had they'd been releasing AAA titles on a consistent basis.

TornRaptor65d ago

@ZwVw Sure, they will get there. They are years behind what Sony put's out, but it's as clear as day that they are on the cusp of a lot of big games releasing over the next couple of years.

Godmars29065d ago

Its not in a comfortable, well regarded market position is the thing. It had to buy the likes of Activision and Bethesda just for relevance, to give GP any real traction, speaks of MS's inability to support the platform.

SullysCigar65d ago

No business aims to sell their products "just fine" though. They've surfed a wave of promises and gamepass for way too long to be acceptable at this stage.

PapaBop65d ago

"Sure, they will get there. They are years behind what Sony put's out, but it's as clear as day that they are on the cusp of a lot of big games releasing over the next couple of years."

The optimistic Xbox fans have been using basically variations of this exact same sentence for over a decade now or more commonly said, just wait for E3.

DarthZoolu65d ago

It’s definitely a problem I have purchased a shit ton of games since getting the series X they won but very few of those games have been Microsoft games

S2Killinit64d ago (Edited 64d ago )

Are they doing just fine though? They are selling half as many as the competition, that is NOT fine. They are selling so badly that the metrics of “just fine” has changed. Do you remember when people were saying PS3 was doomed because they were behind by 2 million units? Even though it was the same 2 million that xbox had sold during its 1 extra year in the market. Xbox is selling almost half as many as its competition now.

isarai64d ago


And there it is "just wait guys" the same tune that's been played for over 10yrs. You guys should really wait till they actually deliver on a consistent basis before investing and defending them so heavily.

DOMination-64d ago

It's selling pretty well, better than most consoles ever but the competition is strong these days and they are falling short with software.

I also doubt they'll ever catch up this gen, no matter what they release in the years to come. The launch window is vital for a new console. Phil and Matt had years in charge to plan for it and they completely screwed it up

YourMommySpoils64d ago

Big games? Like 2 decades later and you still believe they will ever have any big games??? lol

Petebloodyonion64d ago (Edited 64d ago )

And how will they fair better?
will It will go from hard to find a Serie X console to harder to find a series X console?

How come nobodies remember or acknowledge that Serie X is just as difficult to find as PS5.

Or perhaps they saw a good opportunity to make money by buying a money-printing machine that has a brand loyalty problem due to scandals?

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DEEBO65d ago

No,it's Playstation 5 that's hurting Xbox.
XBOX never been number 1 in console sells.PS5's are going to sell no matter what,someone is just going to be on a diet living with their parents but they will be playing GOWR.

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wiz719164d ago

They sell because of gamers like you , regardless of Sonys approach to customer service this gen is very “anti consumer” to me .. On Xbox side at lease I don’t have to double dip into things I already purchased , giving the library of games I have for my PS2 and PS3 I can’t just transfer over to my PS5. Everything I bought for my Xbox One works perfectly only my Series X I can’t say the day for Sony. When it comes to choices to how I want to play , I can either play on PC , Xbox , My phone , laptop , whatever I can just jump in and play regardless where I’m at. You can’t do that on PlayStation , I don’t have to keep my gamepass subscription just to keep the games I get for free through the service unlike with PS+. Lol the hassle I had to go through to get my PS5 serviced because it decided to overheat since the fan wanted to stop functioning. AAA games are great everything else isn’t great unlike on Microsoft side.

shinoff218364d ago

Just because you cant play your owned ps2 games and what not Sony is anti consumer. Hook up Saud system and play then. You don't have to buy anything.

For what ms tried to do pre launch of Xbox one. Also their past. Right now I personally feel they are wolves in sheep's clothing.

wiz719163d ago

@shinoff on Xbox I don’t have to hookup nothing extra bro miss me with that one lol … I should be able to pull the system out the box and just play , and yes anti consumer when you have to pay again for stuff you already own , when the other side is doing the same things for no extra cost …

wiz719163d ago

@blacktar yeah I know right the best story ever can be turned into a series … lol

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rlow164d ago

Yet the 360 beat the PS3 in sales for a majority of its life cycle. So I guess you failed to remember that one.

Knushwood Butt65d ago

Ah, it's another Game Pass advert, and the future is mobile!

'The main way Xbox is getting ready for this future is via the Game Pass Ultimate. Now it can compete with the mobile giants and bring games to iPhone and Android. It’s good timing too; things aren’t getting cheaper, and if the future is mobile, Xbox needs to start now to catch up.'.

S2Killinit64d ago

Im sure the xbox fans will praise him for this.

georeo64d ago

No! I want better games on Xbox.

shinoff218364d ago

More and more people play mobile that's for certain but at the same time console gaming is also growing. It'll be around for a long time. I'll stuck with consoles

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