Playing video games on the big screen

Think your new 65-inch flat-screen gives you a stellar display of your video-gaming exploits? It's a paltry experience compared to getting your game on in a movie theatre. You can find out for yourself at Cineplex Entertainment theatres across Canada, where gamers have been playing on the big screen since August.

For $179, groups of up to 12 people can book an entire theatre for two hours-10 a.m. to noon or midnight to 2 a.m.-to play Xbox 360 games. It's part of Cineplex's strategy to generate more revenue from its theatres, Jay Haraga told the Georgia Straight at SilverCity Riverport (14211 Entertainment Way, Richmond), where he is general manager.

Riverport's "alternative programming" includes screenings of pay-per-view sports events and live broadcasts of New York's Metropolitan Opera. All of Riverport's theatres are equipped with digital projectors and, therefore, can be hooked up to the Xbox 360, Haraga explained. For now, the console is in two of the 18 theatres.

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Nineball21123632d ago

Actually, this is a brilliant idea.

Playing video games on a theater sized screen = gaming goodness.

Quote: "Our group started out by playing NHL 09, and we were instantly enthralled. One colleague commented that it was almost better than watching a hockey game live."

Now, I'd pay a few bucks just to sit and watch, let alone play!

I might have to see if any theaters around my area have thought of this.

Lookbehind3632d ago

I wonder if there's fire insurance added in the cost of the rental of the movie theater:)