Why Recasting Harry Osborn in Marvel's Spider-Man 2 Makes No Sense

Marvel's Spider-Man 2 has seemingly recast its Harry Osborn, but the reason why makes Peter Parker's facial model controversy even more nonsensical.

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TricksterArrow10d ago (Edited 10d ago )

I know this is mostly a non-issue for gamers and all, but man... I still don't get why they changed Peter's face. Seeing a lot of games with the motion capture actors completely different from the characters' models in-game, and with great performances to boot, makes me believe there are other decisions behind these recasts. Maybe more commercial appeal, IDK.

Magic_Spatula10d ago

I watched a few mods where people put Bubniak's face back in and I swear the facial animations on his model look way more expressive than the new guy's face.

jznrpg10d ago

Sometimes these actors ask for too much money . Just a guess but money usually has something to do with changes

Lorshna202210d ago

I feel like the only person who prefers the new Spider-Man face to the original. The original was a bit funny looking. Suppose you cant please everyone though.

ChubbyBlade10d ago

The original Peter looked like an adult. New Peter looks like a kid. He’s not a kid in these games. He’s been Spider-Man for years and it’s supposed to be wearing him down.

X-237d ago

I've never liked how the new Peter looks like a kid, they should have stuck with the original or maybe improvised and got someone who looked more mature.