Here are all the Golden Joystick Awards 2022 winners

GamesRadar writes: Elden Ring wins big as it takes home four awards, with FromSoftware Inc. claiming Best Studio.

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SurgicalMenace67d ago

So GoW wasn't even a consideration even though it came out this year? Seems like a convenient snub.

Ezio204867d ago

It was considered in Ultimate Goty (main award). It came 2nd in final votes tally. But wasn't considered in other categories.

lonewolf1067d ago

I think GoW should of been held over to next years event, too soon after release to be in the awards this year I reckon.

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lonewolf1067d ago

Well done ER, now remake BB.

nommers67d ago

They really gave Pokémon the best switch game award over XC3..

Imalwaysright67d ago

Hopefully other developers will look at Elden Ring's critical and comercial success and be inspired by it.

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