The Callisto Protocol Update 1.01 Is Live, Download Size and Patch Notes Revealed

The Callisto Protocol has received a day-one update on PS4. In addition to this, the download size and patch notes have been revealed.

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S2Killinit126d ago

What is the verdict on this one? Gives me Deadspace vibes.

lonewolf10126d ago

It does but you have 2 of the main Dead Space devs on this title. Certainly looks good.

myfathersbastard126d ago

The original creator of deadspace is the lead on this one. He didn’t have the rights for deadspace so he made his own spiritual successor.

Sonic1881126d ago

You're going to have to rely on a lot of melee on this one

Vengeance1138126d ago

One of the biggest game launches of the year.

Ramboforlife126d ago

Yup, probably the only game I've been looking forward to this year, besides Elden Ring.

Tex4242126d ago

Between this and Deadspace in Jan it's looking really good. Can't wait.

anast126d ago

Is it going to have MTs and season passes? What the monetization scheme going to be like?

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