Nintendo Classic Diddy Kong Racing Turns 25 Years Old In A Fit Of Nostalgia

Diddy Kong Racing, a Nintendo 64 title turns 25. Here to indulge in nostalgia and remember some of the title's amazing features.

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Snookies1269d ago

I was downright addicted to this game when I was younger. Even among the countless classics the N64 spawned. This is near the top of my list, for favorites. I just love the hub world mechanic, where you have to unlock collectables to open up new areas. Something so satisfying about that...

corpsemaker69d ago

Exactly! The hub world was pretty unique for its time. Racing vehicles other than karts was a super cool element as well.

FallenAngel198469d ago

Banjo & Conker also become 25 since their debut

Crows9069d ago

Freaking amazing game. I'm not into these games anymore but this is one I'd play again. Also Fzero and I can't remember the name but this car shooting games of pure destruction.

Number1TailzFan69d ago (Edited 69d ago )

Yeah most racing games tend to try to copy Mario Kart instead of DKR, Mario Kart mission mode on DS was decent, DKR was still better for the amount of variety though.

Variety is better than just having a standard race only mode. Looks like Crash Team Racing is quite close to DKR than to MK, so people who like DKR would probably like CTR.

Crows9069d ago

Ive contemplated getting it...might consider it more now..especially for my kids.

curtain_swoosh69d ago

its soooo good.
shame we'll never have another one lol