In 2022, It's Still Baffling That Bloodborne Isn't On PC Yet

Seven years after its release, the Bloodborne remaster meme refuses to die--but for good reason.

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GoodGuy09580d ago

And baffling sony still hasn't done anything with it even for the ps5 yet. Sure bluepoint can be remaking it but should they really be making all these remakes when they should be making their own game?

darthv72580d ago

I believe that is what they are good at... and why Sony acquired them. For their remaster/reboot/remake skills.

lonewolf10579d ago (Edited 579d ago )

Yeah BB should get the Demons Souls treatment, playing through it now and wish it would get a makeover, great game. Hopefully they will bring to PC if remake does happen, no console for me this gen, yet, this is first gen I don't own all consoles.

Ramboforlife579d ago

Remake is unnecessary. Bloodborne 2 is something Bluepoint can make. If the rumors are true...

DOMination-579d ago

Agreed. Completely mental to even be considering remaking a game that only came out last gen. It was a very stylistic game which means it will age brilliantly - and indeed, it certainly doesn't look any worse than games being released today.

I hope they're remaking something that needs it a bit more

CrimsonWing69579d ago

I don't know if you've realized this, but that's sort of what they do and they're pretty good at what they do.

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-Foxtrot580d ago

I’d rather see a remake or remaster on PS5 first

darthv72580d ago

i have a feeling that is what's in the works. Then it will come to PC. Like what has happened with previous PC releases like Uncharted, Sackboy, spiderman... getting PS5 releases first and then coming to the PC months later.

KeeseToast579d ago

I would take a 60fps patch at this point, which is literally just 2 lines of code Sony would have to change.
There are so many games though that would be an easy patch away from having 60fps on PS5. Sony's approach to backward compatibility is pretty infuriating so far.

darthv72579d ago

Id love a 2 line code patch for the order, driveclub and arkham knight... to name a few

masterfox580d ago

they aren't worthy.

I kid I kid chill everyone chill. :D

MadLad579d ago (Edited 579d ago )

That's what pretty much everyone says when they want to speak their mind, stir the pot, but want to excuse themselves from any sort of backlash.

Like people going heavily political on social media, but following it with "I'm just speaking my mind. Not trying to start a fight". Then blaming anyone at going against their opinion.

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Vits579d ago

Not exactly baffling, Sony appears to not give much credit to that game even though is one of the most regarded titles of the PS4. Maybe when a "remake/remaster" comes around.

ZwVw579d ago

Cant wait for Bloodborne and Ghost of Tsushima remake announcements.

Sonic1881579d ago

Ghost of Tuishima don't need a remake since there was a PS5 update

MadLad579d ago

Last of Us had that too.

Sonic1881579d ago

Last of Us is a 10 year old game. Ghost of Tuishima just came out a few years ago

DOMination-579d ago

Personally I'm looking forward to those rumours of a Forbidden West remake on PS5 Pro

anast579d ago

I heard the PS5 pro max is going to be even better than the pro.

RedDevils578d ago

Better update that trolling skill, is outdated.