Battlefield 2042 Season 3 Interview: DICE Talks Map Design, Ping System Changes & More

DICE talks about Battlefield 2042 Season 3's new specialist, changes to the ping system, maps and loads more.

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MadLad65d ago

There's 7 really excited gamers out there right now.

thorstein65d ago

I have seen some vids. This is definitely in the right direction. Seems like a redemption. But then again, people will hate what they have never played: BFV, for example.

MadLad65d ago

Because they just lie to consumers now.

They cut the roadmap of Battlefield V in order to "make the best Battlefield yet".
It's a broken mess.

Hopefully Zampella steers the ship in the right direction. Otherwise we'll probably have another shelved EA series.

HyperMoused65d ago

They can try and fix what they want, fact is with operators they have changed the theme from a war sim to a skirmish sim, no longer does the game feel like you are part of a military conflict (a Battlefield), you are not a soldier in a war, you are Steve from accounting with the stapler vs Karen from finance with the rubber bands. And it also causes balance issues. you cant fix something if it is fundamentally not right.

65d ago
PhillyDillyDee65d ago

Dont worry, they will announce that content will cease soon and they will be pulling resources to make the next one “the best yet”

AuraAbjure65d ago

Sad but true. Thank you EA.