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Evil West is a refreshing blast from the past that nails the most important parts of its old-school, vampire-hunting action. The combat is smooth and its weapon options are ludicrously entertaining, but low enemy variety and overly similar level layouts can grow somewhat monotonous after a while. This is far from being the most complex or innovative action game I’ve played, but every so often you just want to have some fun smashing in monster skulls.

darthv72581d ago

the game looks like mad fun.

Jin_Sakai581d ago

I was hoping it would get better reviews. Look pretty fun though.

Elda581d ago

So far mostly the reviews are in the 80s. The game looks like it's fun. Picking up my pre ordered copy tomorrow.

YourMommySpoils581d ago

It did get better reviews. 8s are great. You can throw IGN's take in the trash.

Jin_Sakai581d ago (Edited 581d ago )

“It did get better reviews. 8s are great. You can throw IGN's take in the trash.“

It’s sitting at a 73 Metacritic so it’s definitely got some lower scores. Regardless, it look pretty fun.

SurgicalMenace581d ago

Why is your opinion on games solely based on the views of others? What about what you think about it?

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580d ago
Sonic1881581d ago (Edited 581d ago )

Some of the people with review copies said it's an outrider clone. I'll probably play this after The Callisto Protocol

Vengeance1138581d ago (Edited 581d ago )

Outriders? How does that make any sense, a single player narrative game is a clone of a 4 player co-op Destiny clone looter shooter?

SurgicalMenace581d ago

I was wondering the same thing. It makes absolutely no sense.

Sonic1881581d ago

They're talking about the gameplay

monkey602581d ago

I really wish this had come out during the summer. I'm still neck deep in God of War now and I'm mad for Callisto but won't be finished in time for that either

Jin_Sakai581d ago

Really hoping Callisto Protocol does good. Looks great from what I’ve seen.

jeromeface580d ago

or you could idk, enjoy god of war instead of rushing through it... there's no extra credit for starting a game on launch day

monkey602580d ago

I'm not rushing through anything. Just saying the summer months were very quiet and it's a shame this game didn't make its original release date.

SurgicalMenace581d ago

Already downloaded; just waiting for it to release tonight.

senorfartcushion581d ago

It always feels like IGN scores based on the game‘a budget and not the quality of the gameplay

anast580d ago

If the publisher is weak at the time of the review they jump on it, if the publisher is strong during the time of the review they tip-toe around the issues. It's an access driven business.

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