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Evil West is full of potential – but what does that actually mean?

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Ognipode191d ago

Anyone know if HDR works in the game on PS5?

TheExecutioner190d ago

These days, when reviewers play a recent game and give it a 10/10 rating, they compare it to every game released after.
Even though these games are of different genera, there is still compression.

Inverno190d ago

Are you reviewing the game? Cause if you wanted to praise GOW you could've just done that instead, dood. Minute into it and it just turns into a comparison, very unprofessional.

Ognipode190d ago

The reason for the comparison is that they are actually very similar games, released at a similar time for a similar price. The vast majority of the review focuses on Evil West and not God of War, so I'm not sure why you think it's just a comparison – far from it. Make no mistake though, it seems like God of War was very much used as a template for the game systems and structure, just more linear for the missions.

darthv72190d ago

I get the feeling that many reviewers just dont get a game like this (or Gungrave, which also just released). These games arent meant to be anything but fun romps through their respective stories. nothing too deep or involving but lots of action, repetitive if it must be. Personally i love over the top games like this and gungrave and even bullet witch (another throwback game with similar tones). They dont take themselves too seriously and just provide some good old fashioned time wasting.

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