The Case for a Tekken Remake After Tekken 8

Game Rant Writes "Rumors of a Tekken 1 remake have been quashed in the face of Tekken 8, but there's still hope for a Tekken remake after the new game's launch."

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Terry_B199d ago

Only Tekken 3 and 5 need Remakes, TTT 1+2 could be simple remasters with crossplay.

autobotdan198d ago

Yeah Tekken 5 remake would be nice. I would even like a remaster of Tekken 5 for current cobsoles

Terry_B198d ago

A remaster with online play of Tekken 5 would be OKAAAAAAAAY!

PhillyDillyDee198d ago

Tekken 3 and tekken tag 1 sold as a combo would make me very happy

FinalFantasyFanatic198d ago

I really can't make a case for Tekken 1/2 remakes, I'm happy with ports/remasters of those games.

ikarodemon198d ago

We need Tekken3 and Tekken Tag Tournament the best tekken games of all time.