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VGChartz's Christian Evans: "Sequels can often find themselves in invidious positions; to follow on from what was already successful, while making enough changes to justify its existence, is a tricky balancing act in any form of media. If the necessary criteria are to be bigger, better, and more ambitious, while retaining the original's heart and soul, Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope accomplishes that with flying colours. Any criticism will likely be confined to what it isn’t (if you’re perhaps looking for darker, more mature themes, you’ll probably look for other TRPGs to fill that niche). What is present is a lovingly crafted experience, that’s super fun and engaging for all types of players, of all ages... unless, despite Ubisoft's best efforts, you really can’t stand those Rabbids!"

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Nitode68d ago

Good and funny game 😊