King Of Fighters Xii screen shots

Over at, they have 18 new screenshots of King of Fighters XII

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Hot_tea3631d ago

This what Capcom should have done! Stayed 2d! SNK is for the true fight fans.

Btw I think sf4 will be awesome too, but 3d fighters can never compete with 2d when it comes to game play.

Rock Bottom3631d ago

Gfx looks sick, but I am worried about the number characters, this isn't a street fighter where they can get away with 19 character, in KOF you pick three character every turn, with 19 only you wouldn't have much choices.

Man I'd love to see more characters, say K's team or the ladies team. :(

Keowrath3631d ago

I agree Rock, looks very nice but where are all the players!? This is the first thing I've seen on the game since the first trailer went live earlier this year (or was it last year?) the rosta is certainly underwhelming. =(

How close is the game to release?

Rock Bottom3631d ago

Q2 2009 for arcades, there should be plenty of time to add more characters(one team at least), but SNK said before that the full regular characters list will be 19, so they might add one final boss and a sub boss at best(maybe Elizabeth Blanctorche as sub boss since she was announced earlier). :(