Nintendo NX Boot Animation Leaked Along With Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Prototype

Nintendo NX was the codename for the Nintendo Switch prototype. We have our first look at its boot animation that leaked with Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Prototype. The alleged prototype was found in a Nintendo Switch devkit. Interestingly, it had a bootup animation with the codename Nintendo NX.

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lucian22976d ago

Who cares? Super old tech still getting news on its beta form? Lol what

YodaCracker76d ago

It may be super old tech, but it’s still the best selling console every week.

onisama76d ago

new player forget that games is about joy and fun ..not graphics and vasuals

shinoff218375d ago (Edited 75d ago )

ONly cause its selling to two different markets. I bet if the 3ds was still being made the switch wouldnt be doing as well. Im not saying it would sell bad but sales would be cut.

I still dont play my switch but its only because i hate the cheap joy cons, Ive had to replace so many I just stopped playing. Its a shame thats still an issue. It does have some games Id like to play though. Ps is still the king in my house and someday ill buy one of those pro controller or whatever. Ive bought a few of the character controllers they have and those joysticks suck to.

Onisama your spot on it isnt always about the graphics games make a system

lucian22975d ago

i dont care about how much money makes; nintendo wii sold loads and it was a horrible console with tons of shovelware. Sales mean nothing. I want good visuals PLUS good gameplay. there arent even that many fun games on my switch; I've been on a dry spell for a while; waiting for BOTW 2 and will likely grab Xenoblade 3. This doesn't change that it is a shame to see these games held back by its extremely dated tech.

No reason botw 1 should have as much stutter as it did.

75d ago
lucian22975d ago

@QueenBee, I don't hate my switch, I hate how it's held back. that's all. It is 2 generations behind in tech.

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Concertoine76d ago

Havent heard NX for a while. After the Wii U no one saw the switch’s success coming