Sony-Honda Wants To Compete With Tesla By Putting PS5 In Its EVs

From TheGamer: "Sony and Honda established a joint venture called Sony Honda Mobility in September. The company doesn't yet have a brand name but they have talked about how the venture could compete with rival players in the electric vehicle market. One idea is building a car around the entertainment offerings Sony has become known for.

Speaking to the Financial Times, the heads of Sony Honda Mobility say they are planning to build an electric car around music, movies, and the PlayStation 5. "Sony has content, services and entertainment technologies that move people. We are adapting these assets to mobility, and this is our strength against Tesla," president Izumi Kawanishi told the FT."

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Jin_Sakai78d ago

Great, now scalpers will be buying EVs.

XiNatsuDragnel78d ago

That'll be funny because how they'll buy it NFT and Cryptocurrency?

Nitrowolf278d ago

They’ve been already doing that

OptimusDK77d ago

Good idea - if they put a ps5 in - they can save the heater.. win win

Orchard78d ago

A Honda would need a lot more than just a PS5 to compete with a Tesla lol. Complete different class of vehicle and luxury level.

Jin_Sakai78d ago

Recently took a ride in a Model Y performance and was blown away by how fast it was. The massive display was also nice. Incredible machines for sure.

Orchard77d ago

Yep - it feels like a truly next gen vehicle after years/decades of stagnation in the industry.

Dcat77d ago

tech is nice but the build quality of tesla is garbage

FinalFantasyFanatic77d ago


True, I hear experts compare it on the same levels as 80's cars, hopefully they'll improve significantly in that area.

Neonridr78d ago

have you seen how most Tesla's are made though? While the tech inside is cool and all, the car is still made with plenty of cheap components too.

Orchard77d ago

Yeah - but it still feels like a cut above every other car unless you’re going to buy a super car or something similar.

SierraGuy77d ago

@orchard ...tell me you know nothing about cars without telling me you know nothing about cars.

Anyhoo Tesla's under $90 000 are not considered luxury vehicles. They use cheap materials compared to Audi, Mercedes, BMW. This is a fact.

Hydrogen battery/ hydrogen combustion is the future btw...not electric in it's current form.

RedDevils77d ago (Edited 77d ago )

Lol Super car, man what a clown. It sound like you never driven or own a 100k+ car before, not even something like RS6.

SullysCigar77d ago

Tesla build quality sucks, but they're also soulless. I don't care how fast you make an electric car go, there's no feedback and no sound. That just takes the pleasure out of driving, for me.

I don't get the concept of EV's helping the environment either. They're charged from electricity generated by 'fossil fuels', so what's the difference?

Higher cost, less convenience, lower life expectancy, increased landfill, child labour sourced battery elements wrecking the land through massive excavation. All this in a financial crisis.

That doesn't feel like the future to me.

Jin_Sakai76d ago

“I don't care how fast you make an electric car go, there's no feedback and no sound. That just takes the pleasure out of driving, for me“

Because who cares about polluting the world as long as you have pleasure in driving right?

SullysCigar76d ago

^ re-read my message, @Jin. Do some research if you care enough to enter a debate, or you'll continue to wind up looking ridiculous.

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shinoff218376d ago

Stagnation in the industry due to these Rich oil companies and car manufacturers that refuse to do anything and innovate until they had to. Yes I'm saying oil companies and car companies are hand and hand. Why else would we still be guzzling gasoline to this day and not doing it another way. Why else couldn't they get cars to have better mileage. Even now if I'm not mistaken mileage has gotten better but due to the government stepping in.

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ApocalypseShadow77d ago (Edited 77d ago )

It's possible that this joint venture could make something great.

Sony has great sound systems. They have a piece of the pie when it comes to cameras and sensors. When Microsoft bought the tech for Kinect that was working on PS2, Sony eventually purchased Softkinetic that used depth sensing among other things. Why they didn't use them for PSVR is anyone's guess. Could have tracked the whole body.

For games
For everyday life
Car hand tracking

That could be put into the car. They have already built a concept car before

And we know Honda has some good quality cars, motorcycles and trucks. Some here talk about driving fast in an EV. When it should be about driver comfort, affordability and longevity. Tesla does have fast cars. But most consumers can't afford them. And Tesla doesn't make games. Sony could build theirs in, or AR in. And VR in the backseat.

If Sony and Honda can do that while providing all the bells and whistles for a reasonable price that Honda is known for, they could carve out something for themselves.

plmkoh77d ago

Honda: "So, no PS5 console on the dashboard" "Putting PS5 In Its EVs"

You can't make this up

GamingSinceForever77d ago

Yeah that’s a great idea until the PS6 launches.