Lights Dimming For Sony's Playstation 3

Sony's PS3 struggling to find the "sweet spot" in the video game market as its sales drop again.

Despite Sony's Playstation 3 quarterly sales growth doubling from last year, the end result from this year's holiday sales doesn't bode well according to the Wall Street Journal.

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Zhuk3793d ago

The first nail in the coffin for the PS3 is when they put that garbage CELL processor in it and also when they released all those CG videos back in E3 2005.

The Xbox 360 has proven itself to be the most powerful console on the market, consistently defeating the PS3 in over 12 rounds of game comparisons at Eurogamer EVERY time. Not only this, but the Xbox 360 also always defeats the PS3 at Gametrailers comparisons as well. As a person who believes in the scientific method, one should always base his position on objective data and evidence, and the evidence has clearly (actually undoubtedly, as the PS3 has never won a comparison ever) that the Xbox 360 is the most powerful console on the marketplace right now. The Xbox 360 is an example of technical success and innovation and this is why it will win the battle against its inferior rivals.

All of Sony's deceit and lies are finally catching back up to them, I love Karma. You can run Sony, but you can't hide from it any longer

MGOelite3793d ago

you mention 2 sites there, gametrailers and eurogamer, both of them are incredibly biased towards the 360.

Halo 3 story: 9.7
design: 10 (lol wtf)
MGS4 story: 8.5
design: 9.0

if youve played both games you would know halo 3 has a joke of a story and it has power ranger graphics where as MGS4 has been getting graphic and story GOTY 08 awards and yet they give it a lower score for design

and as for eurogamer, they said 1 month before LBP release that it would be the number 1 flop of 2008, and they gave MGS4 a score of 8.

both cases of classic fanboyism and biased

Firstkn1ghT3793d ago

Oh yes... the sony fanboys and their biased excuses.

MGOelite3793d ago

meh say what you want the evidence is there if you choose to dimiss it thats up to you, but anyone with half a brain would know that gametrailers is biased, look at the other day, gears of war 2 got best graphics and MGS4 was even nominated.

Firstkn1ghT3793d ago

Whatever you say buddy. If it makes you sleep better at night than go for it.

Montrealien3793d ago

what are the odds of some one becoming an MGOelite? I bet more people play starcraft then they do MGO, lol

Narutone663793d ago

Did the doctor giving birth to your mother drop you on purpose? The average xbot user:

Stubacca3792d ago

Dude, I love your avatar. If only there was a character creation tool for LBP!

I think it's so funny that the X-bots are still out in force. You're console is garbage, and the light of your life is bashing a much better system to make you feel better.

And Metal Gear Online is still cracking fun.

Play Beyond. Not Behind.

Sergeant Osiris3792d ago

go back to sleep child, you're too stupid to post on the internet.

psman0123792d ago

I agree with MGOelite. Another biased site is Gamespot. They give the PS3 version of all the games almost always a lower score than the 360 version of the same game.

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power of Green 3793d ago (Edited 3793d ago )

Sony needs to do something, its the dev support that is dangerous for Sony, not lackluster Xmas sales although they're tied together.

Sony needs to make deals with devs but I think people are seeing the PS3's true hardware capabilites, that is hurting PS3's standing the most(not price). Popular opinion is hurting Sony as well, they won that battle last generation.


I have not even been logging on game sites that much lately missing a ton of news(Sales etc) and I knew something was wrong when Sony aired a PSN movie service ad when they need to focus on their BD push/investment.

yanikins1113793d ago

"I think people are seeing the PS3's true hardware capabilites, that is hurting PS3's standing the most(not price)."



Saint Sony3793d ago

What I don't get is why do people buy Xbox360 if PS3 is so damn good and offers all the same things and even better, according to PS3 fans?

Yet 360 breaks up, explodes, melts, burns your house, kills your kids or gets you killed....and still people get a new one even after 10th RROD.

This really makes me wonder....why does PS3 suck so badly?

BattleAxe3793d ago

All I have to say is wait until Killzone 2 and Infamous come out, then there should be no doubt where their place is in the market.

Saint Sony3793d ago

Why do you think they force you to preorder the game to be able to play the demo?... to me it sounds they are really afraid...really really afraid.

If the game is good, DEMO will always be free. There is no logic in forcing you to buy the game to be able to play DEMO.

DEMO is for buying decision.

Kill Crow3793d ago

unfortunately it requires an extremely talented team, incredible investment and a longer development time in order to utilise that power. Unfortunatly that means HUGE costs and often delays ... which in this industry makes smaller development companies really nervous ... especially when the install base is so low.

They could invest less, build more games and deliver them to market quicker and cheaper on wii and 360, and immedialty benefit from larger install bases and higher attachments rates ....

PS3 is a great system but when you're talking about sales and profits, it's not as good as wii or 360 ....

C_SoL3793d ago

It smells like *sniffs* BULLSH*T. XO

FantasyStar3793d ago

Unfortunately, everyone does it now. EA does it, Activision does it, Sony does it, Microsoft does it(hell, they started it in this gen!). Using a demo to push pre-order sales is just common practice in this gen now: unfortunately. I totally agree that demos should convince people to put down money for the full-thing: not the other way around. Putting money down for a demo that also comes with the full thing.

However, I disagree that putting up a demo for pre-order bonus is Sony "being scared". Killzone 2 will raise the bar for FPS games and only the foolish would try to deny KZ2 now of its hype. Unfortunately, this also means that everyone(including myself) is setting up KZ2 for a potential repeat-history of KZ1. Regardless I loved KZ1 to my hearts extent, and I know I'll enjoy KZ2 all the same. However I don't have power of authority in this console war to decide which game "makes the cut" or not.

Saigon3793d ago

So Sony had a great year until MS decided to drop the price, that does not spell doom and gloom. No, because if you look at the real numbers Sony is ahead of what MS did in year 2 respectively of each systems life. So when Sony drops the price next year and sells pass MS, will you write an article based off of a major source that the lights for the 360 are dimming. Don't forget that sony has more than one console on the market that all sold well over a million. Another thing is that you can't forget the US does not count for one market, what about Japan and the PAL regions where Sony is actually leading MS. The sad thing is that we will never see the number of the 360 systems that were returned because it was not the right version. Yes the arcade version is not what its all worked out to be and people will figure that out.

Nemo883793d ago

Its a combination of things: Cheaper price out the gate, year head start to gain install base lead ("all my friends are on live" heard that before??), Sony lost exclusives (e.g. GTA4), complicated architecture leading to inferior ports early on, lots of negative press on "too expensive, lack of games, inferior ports, hard to make games, low install base, Sony is Doomed etc."

This was all repeated enough that it has stuck with some consumers who still repeat the same arguments in 2008/9, when the differences now really just boil down to Live v PSN/Home, and ps3 is more expensive. It has games, ports are near identical and an install base larger than 360 after two years, plus a ton of great games lined up for 2009 as well as a price drop.

P.S. Guerilla Games SCARED???? Thats why they issued out all those public Beta Testing Invites right? Unlike EPIC with GEARS 1/2 who said EFF THAT- WE'LL JUST SHIP OUT BROKEN MULTIPLAYER LOL!!

gaffyh3793d ago

Wow the 360 fanboys turned up for this story, which is wrong, because 7 hours earlier we had this story

@Saint Sony - It's cos the 360 is dirt cheap, the PS3 is superior in many many ways, except price.

r3xmund13793d ago

Another day another news story ringing the death bell.... why does everyone want it to fail so bad, Sony are not worried, the fans are not worried, what is the prob?!?! Sales are healthy nd its only a year old in most territories!

Most of the big exclusives are not out yet! Both M$ and EA are slashing jobs; does that mean they are gunna die too!!

Seriously this 'NEWS' is getting old, it reminds me of a kid with his fingers in his ears yelling 'LALALALALALA!' Most of the US media seems to be hellbent on annoucing the death of Sony, dang M$ must have some deeeep pockets to try an spook investors and shareholders so bad.

Jus cos you SAY the PS3 is dying does not mean its true.... seriously get a grip.

RussDeBuss3793d ago

Why is everyone so obcessed with console sales. as long as one is not getting totally whooped by the other, which it isn't, multiplat games are almost equal, which sunce about cod4 have been, and the companies make profit on the console, which some reports say sony have, others say they have started to break even so will soon be into profit.

its only fanboys that care about these figures.

do people really want sony to fail? really?

if sony failed and pulled out of the console game and dint make a ps4, what do you think the next xbox would be like. with only the wii/wii2 for competition M$ would concentrate more on casual gaming, hardware may be even less reliable, cos they are getting away with the shoddy 360 reliability and still selling, and probably wouldnt push the tech boundaries.

Agent VX3793d ago

So Sony slashes prices of their PS3, and cutting out features of the PS3 like backward compatibility etc.... And they still lose out this year to the 360. They even had the "so called" bigger exclusive titles, and they finish last place this year.

Sony's sales figures over the holidays go down, unlike the 360 which improved from last year. Heck, the 360 outsold the PS3 worldwide by over 400,000 units in one week, that wipes out a couple of months of gains the PS3 had earlier in the year. Even the PS2 outsold the PS3 quite a few times this year, a last generation machine. Brutal!!!

The PS3 had a consumer advantage from last generation of some 5 to 1, and they still finish last place this year, OUCH!!! People are quickly jumping ship to either the Wii or 360, and are abandoning the PS3 ship.

Yeap, the PS3 fanboys keep grasping to more extreme straws, like KZ2 will save the PS3 when better and more popular games like MGS 4 couldn't. It is really too bad, I do like my PS3 for the potential, but Sony has really dropped the ball on this console. Here is hoping that Sony can do better next time with the PS4.

LastDance3793d ago (Edited 3793d ago )

the only reason ps3 is doing so bad in sales is because of its price.

Where i work.... $399 - pro 360 bundle W/ gears of war 2, kungfu panda and lego indiana jones.

for ps3 $678 - 80 gig you can choose any 1 game.

If you disagree with me, your absolutely diluded.

I hate the 360 and wii, and the ps3 is a beautiful machine, but its simply TOO expensive.

Sheddi3793d ago

"Yet 360 breaks up, explodes, melts, burns your house, kills your kids or gets you killed....and still people get a new one even after 10th RROD."
There are four answers to that.
1: Spent already too much money on 360. (Many games etc)
2: Have many friends that plays 360 (why be the only one with PS3 or Wii)
3: Their unbelievably stupid. If my console broke on me after the 2nd time id sell it.
4: Fanboys.

candystop3793d ago (Edited 3793d ago )

It's your right to hate wheatever but it really makes no sense to hate 360. It put's out better software and services to the point where you sound like the typical crazy fan child. Feature for feature (minus bluray) 360 has always been on top. Saint Sony made some good points and as usual the SOny bunch come out in complete denial and start making up excuses trying to twist things as usual lol. Sony deserves to lose this gen but also Nintendo doesn't deserve to win. MS has been doing a lot more than both of them but struggled do to the hate. This year coming I expect 360 to truly surpass PS3 which will be a joy all together.

Edit sheddi above:you forgot
5:maybe your the Sonyfanboy and don't get it
6:Maybe the games are better
7:Sony console doesn't appeal to them
8:maybe there smart and have not fallen into the bs like you and many others

Edit below Gaff: That list goes for you too. And this is one of the reasons why PS3 is going to fail so hard this gen because Sony and it's fans are lost lol.

gaffyh3793d ago

@candystop - read number 5 to yourself...

callahan093793d ago

uh, Agent VX, you say how it's pathetic that the 360 outsells Sony this year even though Sony slashed prices... well, newsflash, but Sony cut prices last year, not this year. It was the 360 that slashed prices this year, but you conveniently neglect to mention that factor. The 360 is a more expensive machine at its base price and yet the 360 and PS3 have sold basically in pace with one another all this time. The 360 just simply isn't doing as much better than the PS3 as certain media people would have you believe, especially when you factor in price.

Pixel_Addict3793d ago (Edited 3793d ago )

to find articles like this. Even the sites script is garbage. Nobody's even heard of this site. It really stinks of desperation.

saint sony- "Killzone 2?... yes, especially with NON FREE DEMO?!"

Wow, that is a really compelling argument. I like how you've tricked everyone into pitting you by using the grammar of a 10 year old. "NON FREE DEMO", *falls over laughing* you should consult an adult before posting.

TheTwelve3793d ago

Wow....look at this. An article that is simply a repeat of another article.

Fire all the bullets you want, haters---nothing will stop the train called Sony. You better get in or get run over.


metalhead3793d ago

if there were free demos how come Gears never got demos. Or Halo?

MNicholas3793d ago (Edited 3793d ago )

How can anyone be surprised that a $399 machine sells fewer units than a $199 machine?

The Nissan GT-R is an incredible car from Japan and it has all the bells and whistles, like the PS3, but it will never sell as well as the simple, all-american Ford Mustang, not because of advertising, not because of the way it looks, but simply because the Mustang is half the price. $199 is the price at which a product becomes affordable to the average consumer. At $399, you're still selling mostly to rich people or average/poor people with a lot more credit than they ought to have.

FrankenLife3793d ago

These articles are a dime a dozen. Why do you people submit each and every one like they have something good or important to say? The PS3 is expensive, we get it. We are in a recession, I know. Consequently it sold less units. STFU and play some games.

Alvadr3793d ago (Edited 3793d ago )

From owning both systems its clear that the PS3 is far superior in terms of hardware. Most of the time its wasted on 3rd party developers choosing to take the 360 as the lead platform and letting the PS3 take a back seat to development (Im calling you out Bethesda!!) I will look to the exclusive line up in 2009.

I do like the 360 but for me its only the second choice for games. I got so sick of the fan noise that i had to void the warranty by installing some whispermax fans.. As I was doing it I thought to myself, 'this is just sad that I have to do this just so I can enjoy my games'. And what shocked me the most was when I actually opened the 360... Theres hardly anything under the hood, why the hell is it so big ?!?

Sheddi3792d ago

"5:maybe your the Sonyfanboy and don't get it
6:Maybe the games are better
7:Sony console doesn't appeal to them
8:maybe there smart and have not fallen into the bs like you and many others"

5: Dont get what? Why to buy 10 360s after RROD?
6: Opinion + I can play 95% of 360s games on PC. So im not missing out a lot.
7: Sure maybe not, then go ahead and buy a faulty console or the Wii.
8: Smart?! Buy what BS? ur the one that buys all the BS. How the F can someone stick with M$ after 4-5 RROD?

I cant believe that consumers are letting the companies to set the rules/demands. People are ok with RROD?! Ur the one that is falling for the BS.

Uncle Ben3792d ago

I don't know if Sony is doomed, but the Ps3 sucks ass compared to the 360(just from a gaming perspective). I think that is the main reason for the ps3 woes. 120mil ps2's last generation doesn't mean sh*t when your console this gen = overpriced mediocrity.

pansenbaer3792d ago

LOL @ Power of green

Did you even read that article you linked to?

"November of this year and the PS3 stands at 16 million units, and the Xbox 360 sitting comfortably at 25 million units"

The PS3 was at a tad less than 17 million at the end of September
The 360's most recent numbers have it at of December 19th...that's 3 more months, not to mention the 3 BUSIEST months of the year for console sales. So if the 360 is sitting at 25 at years end, its safe to say the PS3 is at least 21 to 22 million.

You see for fiscal year 08 Q1 and Q2, they have increased by twice as many units sold. Now its probably not likely they will sell 9 million for Q3 (Oct, Nov, Dec) but if they sell even 5 million in Q3 (only 100k more than last year) that puts them a tad under 22 million. So a gap of 3 million, which is smaller than it was last year.

Uncle Ben3792d ago (Edited 3792d ago )

360 passed 25mil the week of Black Friday. My guess is that by now it's close to or over 27mil.

And no the ps3 hasn't sold 5-6 mil consoles in two monthes, you are talking out of your fanboy hole.

pansenbaer3792d ago (Edited 3792d ago )

"Xbox 360 has now sold 25 million consoles worldwide with over 4 million games sold in Australia"

Straight from an Xbox website. 25 million worldwide as of December 19th.

Also from Sony's website. 16.84 million at the end of september. Last year, between October, November, and December, Sony sold 4.9 million PS3s. And you'll also see that they sold twice as many consoles Fiscal Year 08, SO FAR, that if they same held true, they would sell around 8. I know that isn't true, but saying they will sell 5 is a reasonable assumption. I'm speaking out of my fact hole.

Also, I never said 2 months. I said 3. October, November, and December...the 3 busiest months for console sales.

Danja3792d ago

this article is crawling with x-fangirls....

ppl should really stop defending the PS3 and start to ignore these articles..because obviously the PS3 is doing just fine , im happy with my purchase im sure alot of PS3 owners are also , the PS3is selling faster than the 360 was at this time last year....

it's sitting at around 18-19 million sold wat a flop it is...when the 360 was sitting at 15 million sold this time last year

MNicholas3792d ago

Just how many units should a $399 machine sell?

Based on historical console sales, if it sells this well at $399, it will be an absolute blockbuster at $199. Why? Because the number of people who can pay $399 is far smaller than the number of people who can pay $199.

The reality is this: At $199, the 360 is the cheapest hardware. Yet, it's sales are only half that of the more expensive Wii. Why? Because the market doesnt really like the 360. The fact is, 35% more people were willing to pay $399 for a PS3 than $299 for an Xbox360. 100% more people are willing to pay $249 for a Wii than $199 for an Xbox360. So in both price ranges the Xbox360 loses. This means, for those budding economists out there, that although the 360 is currently 2nd in unit sales, it has the least consumer demand at any price.

The same way more people want to drive porsches than hyundais but because hyundais are cheap more people buy them. This is very worrying for Microsoft and they are likely to faze out the 360 sooner rather than later.

They already have a new system in mind that, if they don't botch it, will revolutionize the way we play games. Sony's thinking along the same lines. Here's a hint, their new system will be fully backwards compatible with the PS3.

MNicholas3792d ago

The $199 price point is where a console will do most of it's sales.

The 360 has been cheaper than the PS3 since the PS3 came out. Yet, the PS3 has higher average annual sales. Now the the 360 has reached that magic price-point. Yet what do we see?

It's no surprise that a $199 machine outsells a $399 machine. What is dismaying to all microsoft shareholders is that it's still being significantly outsold by the more costly Wii!

Any one who has studied and understands economics and business will tell you that the 360 is doing the worst of all the consoles. It's not the sales numbers that matter but the number of sales at a specific price-point. The fact that until the 360 dropped to $199 it was being significantly outsold by the PS3 is a clear indicator that the market prefers the PS3.

The fact that the more expensive Wii is continuing to outsell the 360 is a clear indicator that Microsoft has already lost in it's attempt to gain control of the living room.

By mid 2010, facing a $249 PS3, and $149 Wii, the Xbox360's life as Microsoft's "great white hope" will be just about finished.

Uncle Ben3792d ago (Edited 3792d ago )

They were simply reiterating their success on the page you posted.

I also notice that Sony lied about their 2007 sales, looking at the link you posted. They added the 4th quarter of 2006 to their 2007 announced numbers. Investors should sue Sony for giving out fraudulent sales figures.

Shellfish3792d ago

Everyone(outside of fanboy idiots) know the 360 is a better gaming platform at a better price. No informed person in their right mind would pay more for an inferior experience. It would be like choosing to pay full admission price at an amusement park, but only getting to ride one ride. While everyone else is paying half price, and riding all the rides.

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RememberThe3573793d ago

Yet Sony's stock price rose today...

They will do something. It's called games and a price cut.

fishd3793d ago (Edited 3793d ago )

----------US NPD----------JPN MEDCRATE----------- TOTALS----
--------PS3--------360------- PS3-------360-------PS3 ---360
Jan - 269,000 ' 230,000 / 213,367 ' 32,064 / 482,367 ' 262,064
Feb - 280,841 ' 255,000 / 68,953 ' 11,534 / 349,794 ' 266,534
Mar - 257,120 ' 262,000 / 65,291 ' 9,265 / 322,411 ' 271,265
Apr - 187,071 ' 188,000 / 37,820 ' 6,760 / 224,891 ' 194,760
May - 208,709 ' 187,000 / 44,611 ' 8,756 / 253,320 ' 195,756
Jun - 405,488 ' 219,000 / 130,050 ' 11,020 / 535,538 ' 230,020
Jul - 224,900 ' 205,000 / 62,963 ' 22,480 / 287,863 ' 227,480
Aug - 185,353 ' 195,000 / 41,661 ' 37,333 / 227,014 ' 232,333
Sep - 232,408 ' 347,000 / 33,255 ' 54,449 / 265,663 ' 401,449
Oct - 190,000 ' 371,000 / 60,312 ' 36,029 / 250,312 ' 407,029
Nov - 378,071 ' 836,000 / 96,059 ' 46,580 / 474,130 ' 882,580
----------------------------- ------------------------------ -
-----2,818,961'3,295,000/ 854,342 276,270 / 3,673,303 3,571,270 <----PS3 is ahead

Edit:so far,2 disaree with facts,not bad at all,not bad!Truth hurts eh?!

L Ronald Hubbard3793d ago

fishd, I disagree because I agree.

no-spin3792d ago

For the last three months these site has seen its share of Play Station brand doom. The PS3 is its main target, and now the PSP its getting its share of doom prediction. I can only wonder why a journalist for a very respected organization acts so irresponsible in misleading the misinformed public. I'm an informed gamer, i do my research and i know for a fact that this article is wrong. The correct statement would be "The PS3 is not doing as well as it competitors". which is true. BUT, the PS3 is doing really good. A high price point for a premium console is fair game. You decide what console you get based on your needs. HD TV's want Blue Ray, don't care about blue ray, etc... The PS3 its awesome. It has games that are unmatched on the 360, as the 360 has games that are unmatched in the PS3. A very crucial fact that sends this article to its own doom is that the PS3 is doing better than the 360 when the 360 was 2 years old and had NO COMPETITION WHATSOEVER. If that is a failure then the 360 was a massacre when it was 2 years old.
Both consoles are doing great, and the Wii is in its own class. The PS3 has a 10 years plus life cycle, just seeing the PS2 is still around with its simple technology I wouldn't be amazed if the PS3 gets to be 15 years and still rolling.

My two cents

PS Usually when i disagree with a post, i explain myself why i disagree. Please do the same, because disagrees without explanation are really boring.

MorganX3792d ago (Edited 3792d ago )

I was a die-hard Xbox 360 only, anti Sony/PS person. Now, I'm 90% PS3 Only and couldn't be happier. Watching Resident Evil: Degeneration tonight on Blu-ray, happy as hell Dead Rising is coming to PSN.

No one who has one would be dissapointed and Blu-ray is on the rise. It just costs too much, period. Especially during this economic downturn.

It's only weakness are lack of online community and it's communication capability is not up to Xbox Live! Voice message anyone. Nor is its online integration. Xbox Live! is way, way ahead.

I also think Sony should give up the exotic art experiment PSN stuff and get their retro arcade library up to snuff. I mean, I'll keep my Xbox around just for Lode Runner XBLA, don't know if it's coming to PSN or not. People just want to play fun games not play a game to know what Andy Warhol felt like inside.

The other issue is people still can't afford, en masse, to go HDTV and Surround Sound. That is holding Sony back. Xbox 360 isn't in the PS3 league sonically. But if you don't have Surround sound, you have no clue.

They also made a boneheaded mistake of not having rear USB ports, another casualty of costs. When they can finally reduce the price, hopefull the new SKU will rememdy this.

Anyone that is an early adopter and has a real High Def home theatre realizes the PS3 is in a class by itself, even with those shortcomings. Unfortunately for Sony, the middle-class is broke right now and MS has the $199 console.

EDIT: I also think Home is a joke, never launched it, never will. FWIW, NXE is a joke too. XMB for me.

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shqype3793d ago

This is a pretty bad article. Not only is it biased, but it's also based on false stereotypes. Complete junk.

ApolloT4L3792d ago (Edited 3792d ago )

Er! comment appeared in wrong place sorry.

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