Elden Ring: How Players Tell Your Story

ESTNN Writes - "There is this debate, about whether or not Elden Ring deserves to be nominated to have the Best Narrative alongside God of War Ragnarök and Plague Tale: Innocence at the game awards. The reason is that some claim that reading item descriptions and watching handsome Australians piecing them together does not constitute a narrative."

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Flawlessmic74d ago

Brilliant game, and the lore is cool but best narrative or great narrative is not something I'd associate with elden ring with after 2 full playthroughs.

Nacho_Z73d ago

It's an interesting one. I recently listened to a Bloodborne audiobook which pieced together the story from item descriptions and it was fascinating and as interesting and horrific as any horror novel I've read. More so a lot of the time, the imagination on Miyazaki.

However did I understand it when I was playing it? Hell no, didn't even scratch the surface. I'm not sure how you would rate a narrative that works like that.

HyperMoused73d ago

It has a great interesting story, if you can figure it out. ive played this a lot and tbh until i watched a youtube video on it, i only had bits and pieces of the story. But all the bosses intertwine they have history and hierarchy, marriages, conflict, children, reigns like the golden order and all that and thats just them, there is also the outside gods etc. If the game bothered to deliver that story in a good way, no one would be complaining about the story.