If Everyone Hates Encumbrance in Video Games, Why Is It Still a Thing?

If you've played a lot of open-world fantasy RPGs over the past 20 years, you've almost certainly encountered the encumbrance game mechanic. You know the one, where you're looting a dungeon and you pick up one too many items, and all of a sudden your character feels like they're walking through molasses.

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gangsta_red78d ago

I hate stamina bars...I hate running and then having to stop and wait for your stamina bar to refill before running again. it makes no sense, especially in RPGs with an open world design and wanting to get through a place quickly.

-Foxtrot77d ago

I suppose it depends on the context

An everyday average joe character, he could run out of breath fast

Someone athletic, a soldier, marine, etc could do it for longer

Super soldiers, characters who are magical and the like…I don’t understand it to be honest.

RPG wise I think it makes sense at the start of the game but then it depends on how your character grows

isarai78d ago

Encumbrance is annoying, but the overall annoying thing is the refusal to include immediate solutions like scrapping items for parts, sending to a stash, or combining items to increase stats. Many RPGs have done it, i dont get why it isnt a standard.

TiredGamer77d ago

Encumbrance, as annoying as it is, does add some tension and a strategic element to games that otherwise would be lacking balance in some way. It has its place.

poppatron77d ago

I 100% agree, it’s meant to be annoying, you need to have limitations you work to overcome, that’s why it’s an rpg.

There’s plenty of games without an encumbrance mechanic out there

jznrpg77d ago (Edited 77d ago )

I don’t mind it so much if it makes sense . It makes you manage things if don’t properly . When it’s done poorly it is annoying

FPS_D3TH77d ago

You can make an arguement that any level of difficulty is annoying to some degree. Encumberence is usually a gameplay balancer or difficulty adjuster depending on its use. You can make it in some games that you can carry more loot or wield weapons outside your characters skill level, but it’s essentially playing on easy mode or even cheating.

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The story is too old to be commented.