Ripten Readers' Choice: Game of the Year

2008 was a big year. There were so many great games released that it's incredibly hard to decide which one deserves to be the Game of the Year… so that's why Ripten is going to make you do it. Have a gander at Ripten's nominees and let them know which game you think deserves top honors. Additionally, they want to spark some debate as they also want to know which of the nominees is least deserving of Game of the Year.

The best commenter (best arguments, most interesting or humorous comments - as decided by Ripten staff) will also be rewarded with a super awesome prize: a free game! Let your voice be heard!

The nominees are:

Left 4 Dead
Metal Gear Solid 4
Super Smash Bros. Brawl
Grand Theft Auto IV
Fable II
Fallout 3
Gears of War 2

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Twizlex3632d ago

Best 360 game: Gears 2
Best PS3 game: MGS4
Best multiplat game: Fallout 3

That's my picks.

Cookigaki3632d ago

Good choices, but Cookigaki wants to know where Rock Band 2 is. Cookigaki had most fun this year with Rock Band 2!

Milk is for Babies3632d ago

Yeah, but is Rock Band 2 so much different than Rock Band 1? I mean, it's more of an expansion pack, and that being said Wrath of the Lich King should be on there too.

Twizlex3632d ago

Well, WotLK IS an expansion pack so I guess it's not technically a new game, but Rock Band 2 is a completely new game. I could see Rock Band 2 on the list but not WotLK.

Twizlex3632d ago

It's simple: WotLK requires you to have WoW, so it is only expanding the game. Rock Band 2 is a completely separate game and doesn't need Rock Band 1 to play it.

Milk is for Babies3632d ago

Good point, lol. I didn't think about that.

DragonWarrior465343632d ago

Best 360 game: Fallout 3
Best ps3 game: Fallout 3
Best multiplat game: Fallout 3
Best multiplayer game: COD5
Most overrated game on the 360: Gears of War 2
Most overrated game on the ps3: Metal Gear Solid 4
Best driving game of they year: Motorstorm 2
Best graphics of 2008: Dead Space
Best action game of the year: Tomb Raider underworld

Those are my picks

RememberThe3573632d ago

is the best game to come out of this generation of games. Period.

ChampIDC3632d ago

MGS4 is only overrated by the crazy fanboys that think it'll cure cancer and stuff. Most normal people give it the love it deserves(which is a lot).

resistance1003632d ago

Mine would be

Best 360 game: Gears of War 2
Best ps3 game: Metal Gear Solid 4
Best multiplat game: Burnout Paradice
Best multiplayer game: Burnout Paradice
Best driving game of they year: Gran Turismo 5: Prologue
Best graphics of 2008: Gran Turismo 5: Prologue
Best action game of the year: God Of War: Chains of Olympus

MisfitSmurf3631d ago

Best 360: Left 4 Dead
Best ps3: MGS4
Best Multi : Fallout 3
Best Racing : (dont play racing games)
Best Shooter : Resistance 2
Best MultiPlayer: Resistance 2
Best RPG : Fallout 3
Best Graphics: MGS 4
Most Over Hyped:GTA4

Lord Vader3631d ago

Bubbles Twlieeeeeelix...

"Best 360 game: Gears 2
Best PS3 game: MGS4
Best multiplat game: Fallout 3"

I'll add honorable mention to COD:[email protected] 'Trenyark did much better than i expected after COD:3.


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TheMART3632d ago

PS3: LittleBigPlanet for sure. Having 9.5 out of 10 average scores, higher then MGS4, a new & fresh IP that LBP is. Not only that, MGS4 mostly is only for MGS fans not new gamers that don't know the story.

360: couple of picks that for me are on the same level, Gears of War 2, Left4Dead and Fable II give me the same amount of gaming fun

Faztkiller3632d ago

Mgs 4 was my first And its one of the best games i have ever played it was amazing Best graphics i have seen so far Best story so far but LBP
was amazing also

Gear 2 to is great but Fable 2 was letdown for me
Left4Dead the graphics where so far behind it was almost unplayable for me

Rs3632d ago (Edited 3632d ago )

To me, Fable2 and Fallout3 is a huge letdown. I just don't quite get the fun factor of Fallout3, the game is so boring! Maybe because I have high expectation after Elder Scroll of Oblivion. And, Fable2 is sh!t, something just not right with the game! Perhaps because they focus so much on the pathetic dog and it didn't even turn out to be the so-call "SUPER ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE DOG" which they said it should be.

Faztkiller3632d ago

Best PS3 Game: MGS 4
Best 360 Game: Gears 2
Best Multi : Grid
Best Racing : Motorstorm 2
Best Shooter : R2
Best MultiPlayer: R2
Best RPG : Fallout 3
Best Graphics: MGS 4
Biggest Letdown: GTA 4
Better than i expected : LBP

ChampIDC3632d ago

Nice picks, I feel GRID definitely didn't as much love as it deserved. The only thing I'd change in there for me is that I'd put Left 4 Dead as my best multiplayer game. I'm a sucker for cooperative play. R2 has great coop(love the RPG-like classes), but I feel that L4D takes a new level of cooperation between your team that no other game has captured.

Looking back at stuff like this reminds me how amazing 2008 was for gamers.

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