Saints Row is updated fixing more than 200 bugs

The title has been updated with more than 200 bug fixes . This new patch mainly focuses on stability, quality of life, co-op, and gameplay. Volition confirmed that this update is just the beginning of continued support for the game over the next few months. They have acknowledged that “this update has taken a little longer ” than they would have liked.

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Activemessiah74d ago

No one cares, game flopped and that arrogant studio got dissolved and assimilated into another.

porkChop73d ago

They weren't dissolved. They're just being moved from working under Deep Silver to working with Gearbox. Basically their publisher changed.

RaidenBlack73d ago

They should consider ditching that ageing proprietary engine and switch to UE5 and win back some of the fans by remaking the first two Saints Row. (yea, I know asking for Remakes is lazy but is still a much better option for the studio than risking another rushed subpar entry in this reboot series. Once the remake(s) turns out good and wins back some of the fanbase, then they can plan a proper high quality sequel to the Reboot).


"They should consider ditching that ageing proprietary engine and switch to UE5 and win back some of the fans by remaking the first two Saints Row."

I'd happily pick up SR1 and 2 remakes. It's just disappointing that it took a game flopping for Volition to realize they need to actually respect the end user of their product.

Activemessiah71d ago

The studio doesn't exist anymore... volition is gone.

mastershredder73d ago

Nice story bro (you dug deep and way up in there before pulling it out). It's not a mainstream game. Thats the point of Saints Row games, it makes a mockery of them. And the team is legendary (another point of love displayed in-game) to the point that they can pick and choose. In a world...where "arrogant" gamers think they know it all, but find out the game they hate is a developer/team love letter...but don't get it (makes it so much sweeter).

jjb198173d ago

They nailed the mockery so perfectly that they played themselves. The game is booty cheeks. It's already like $30.

ChubbyBlade73d ago

Try harder. Your payroll is showing.

RavageX73d ago

Spoken like someone in denial.

BlaqMagiq172d ago

You actually liked this garbage? That's REALLY sad.

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Gamingsince198173d ago

All those bugs fixes but it still doesn't make it a game worth playing even for free.

porkChop71d ago

Bro, they do in fact exist. Just Google it.

"Financially, Saints Row has performed in line with management expectations in the quarter. Going forward, Volition will transition to become part of Gearbox which has all the tools, including an experienced management team in the US, to create future success at Volition."

"This is the first internal group transfer where we transfer a major studio between operative groups, but it is not necessarily the last,"


Like I said, Gearbox is taking over as their publisher/owner. Gearbox is likely a better fit than Koch Media/Plaion was.

Activemessiah71d ago

Ok, my bad. it seems they are keeping the name despite the transfer.

Also the twat who wrote that article is downplaying how bad things were. I wish nothing but terrible outcomes for that studio and their future endeavours.

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bestofyou73d ago

Did they replace the horrible characters? Did they bring back the Politicly incorrect fun of the game? Nope? then no thanks.

BlackTar18773d ago

lol it’s true. The game was progressive garbage.

Christopher73d ago

Tell me you haven't played the game without telling me you haven't played the game. It's a very politically incorrect game, btw.

ChubbyBlade73d ago

Thanks for telling everyone you’re the one who hasn’t played it

Christopher72d ago

Holy cow. You people really haven't played the game.

Eonjay73d ago

200 bugs is an infestation. Game may need to be exterminated.

Blaze92973d ago

$35 on can get cheaper.

Zombieburger63873d ago

They couldn’t bother to launch the game in an acceptable state so congrats just another studio I have blacklisted. Modern games are a joke.

kingnick72d ago

With the numbers of developers rushing half baked products out the door to meet launch deadlines you're going to miss out on a lot of games. Better to wait 6-12 months till a game is discounted and/or had multiple patches before buying.

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