PS3 sells more RPGs than Xbox 360?

Initially it wasn't clear if RPGs would sell well on the PS3 or the Xbox 360 due to its intended target audience. There was a dry spell until the slow but steady release of traditional RPGs such as the Last Remnant, Tales of Vesperia and Valkyria Chronicles. With the launch of White Knight on the PS3, it seems that there is a revitalization of the genre.

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MURKERR3580d ago (Edited 3580d ago )

their doing everything to be a success,their brand recognition is much better than it was a year ago in japan only a hater would deny that..

ChampIDC3579d ago

Playstation has been a pretty heavy RPG platform since its debut of the PS1. I'm sure many PS3 owners bought one knowing that, but Microsoft has been doing a good job of spreading out the genres more. Since the original Xbox, MS has had a pretty heavy action library. I think they're starting to get the bigger picture now.

Chicken Chaser3580d ago

Duh..You don't need to be a genius to know that a game is going to sell more on a console with a 2.5-3 millions Installed User base than on a console with an 700-800k installed user base

power of Green 3579d ago

Agreed, retarded news post. lol

sajj3163579d ago

Right ... so don't be surprised if a multi platform game on the 360 sells higher in North America ... right?

gaffyh3579d ago

Yeah lol, seems like they didn't read the bit about Valkyria Chronicles and Disgaea 3 selling very less. WKC has most likely sold a lot because it is more traditional RPG, not Strategy RPG like Disgaea and Valkyria.

Mr_President_3579d ago

Yet when 360 games outsell PS3 games in NA due to its much larger install base all we hear is Sony ddoomzz Sony phphails

candystop3579d ago

Yeah but PS3 had a bigger install base when they released MGS4 and GEars1 still sold more copies with less owners. I see you still don't get it but it's ok because your the typical Sony fanboy and never will.

god_o_war3579d ago

well obviously ones been out for 6 months the other 2 years but...
after a month mgs4 has sold almost 500000 more copies


Kyur4ThePain3579d ago

So NOW the install base argument is admissible?
Are you for real?

poopface13579d ago (Edited 3579d ago )

I demand to see an article about how the 360 sells more shooters in NA. I dont care anyways as the only JRPG I ever liked was ff7. I love western Rpgs like diablo and mass effect(and DEUS ex, cause I love FPS). And I have a feeling that mass effectwill not ever be outsold(WW) by White knight JRPG. Im hapy to know taht Microsoft is good at getting the games I want, and sony is finally starting to give its owners what they want.

Nevers3579d ago

... and just stopt there. Absolutely useless site. Sensational headlines with no real validity.

Oner3579d ago (Edited 3579d ago )

@ sajj316 ~

"Right ... so don't be surprised if a multi platform game on the 360 sells higher in North America ... right?"

Ding Ding Ding! Someone give this man a prize! Excellent points sajj316, Mr.President & especially Kyur4ThePain. What's amazing & funny is how you won't get "certain types" to admit/agree with you on matter how truthful it is.

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Nathan Drake3580d ago

WKC is going to do 500,000+,excellent numbers for a new IP

Saint Sony3580d ago (Edited 3580d ago )

Sorry but no.

RememberThe3573580d ago (Edited 3579d ago )

Last I heard they had shipment issues, and has already done around 300 thousand units.

EDIT: My bad, its 212 thousand in the first 3 days.

gaffyh3579d ago

@Saint Sony - WTF is wrong with you? Get a life, we know you've got christmas holidays from school, but you don't have to spend all of your time here.

And 500,000+ in Japan maybe, worldwide = very likely

Stryfeno23580d ago (Edited 3580d ago )

Isn't true the PS3 have a larger user base in Japan? so of course, the Ps3 will sell more RPGs.

Godmars2903579d ago

But they're apparently selling better on the PS3, so just be quite Hubbard.

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