Pentiment Proves a Great Point About Diversity in Historically Grounded Games

Pentiment’s medieval European setting still has diverse characters while feeling authentic, contrasting other historically grounded games.

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DeathTouch576d ago

This is honestly a non-issue. It has more to do with world building and writer’s intention, not a requirement.

MrBaskerville576d ago

The article doesn't state that it's a requirement. It just notes that Pentiment manages to find representation in medieval history and that it brings something interesting to the table while doing it. Point being, maybe developers could explore more facettes of the medieval setting to give us a broader perspective. It's meant for inspiration not force.

Sciurus_vulgaris576d ago

Medieval Europe wasn’t diverse. Being ethnocentric and xenophobic was socially normalized.

DeathTouch576d ago

“Point being, maybe developers could explore more facettes of the medieval setting.”

Sure, if that’s their intention and part of their world building. Exactly like I said.

Angyobangyo576d ago

Or....devs can make the games they want to make without being lectured to "explore" representation and certain themes. If Pentiment manages to find way to explore those facets, then it was their direction to make it so. Not every developer making a game with a European Medieval setting has to follow that same vision.

Lifexline576d ago (Edited 576d ago )

It’s a non issue for yourself but to many out their it is an issue and it’s good to see diversity in games for those that it matters to. Did you even read the article?

If it doesn’t matter to you then why comment or pay attention to it keep living your life but subconsciously it bothers people like you for some reason wonder why……

DeathTouch576d ago

I never said diversity in games isn’t good. Read my statement again.

Extermin8or3_576d ago

It is a non issue. There are plenty of games with loads of diversity regardless of their setting. Not every game has to be this incredibly diverse mixing pot of races and cultures and views. It should depend solely on the story and artistic vision. If someone has an issue with a game that isn't that diverse- don't buy it. It really is that simple.

Adrian_v01575d ago

Diversity matters to me but if there's something that really rubs me the wrong way is diversity just for the sake of diversity, e. G. all latest netflix shows and games geared to Gen Z

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TricksterArrow576d ago

Agreed. Nothing against a fantasy game based on reality, go nuts in it with whatever suits your needs. But if you go for a game just based on reality and real events and issues, it’s almost a disservice to portray reality as anything but.

Nintentional575d ago

The left makes it an issue and they demand diversity in appearance, but never diversity of opinion. They want everyone to look different but to believe in the same delusions they do.

senorfartcushion575d ago

Sort of, but the argument is mainly used by the center. The vast majority of leftists are clad absolutionists, meaning that they see progress happening (mostly) through wealth alone. You know that these issues can be tackled by people who aren’t on the left. Just because you care about social classes, it doesn’t mean that you’re a leftist in any way. Your opinion on things like freedom and wealth can diversify them from anyone on the left of the spectrum.

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SatanSki576d ago

I like this kind of articles, they let me know what to avoid :-)

SatanSki575d ago

Because whole diversity idea while good itself, was perverted by entertainment industry, and do more harm, then good. By closing my wallet, i'm showing i don't accept the current state of things.

aconnellan575d ago

“ Because whole diversity idea while good itself, was perverted by entertainment industry, and do more harm, then good. By closing my wallet, i'm showing i don't accept the current state of things”

I don’t disagree with your sentiment, and I don’t want to sound like a jerk but did you read the article? Seems like it doesn’t fall into the usual bucket of a diversity checklist that other games have done.

The specific examples the author cites are an Ethiopian person who passes through the village, and you can learn about their character and culture. Second example is a Jewish person, also just passing through.

Definitely a far cry from the Diversity(TM) that other games put out these days that almost seems like it was focus-grouped into the game, wherein I would agree with your stance

SatanSki574d ago

Yeah, normally i wouldn't mind. Nowadays i turn back on the first mention of diversity, "created for modern audiences" etc. Too much is too much.

Aussiesummer576d ago

I want to see a game about ancient African tribes with nordic, asian and hispanic people in it.

Crows90576d ago

What's funny to me about this claim of historically grounded mess is most of the time things are not properly portrayed....they are portrayed in a superficial and ignorant way....which makes it historically inaccurate.

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Gardenia575d ago

Those are my thoughts exactly. If they would do that the backlash from the woke people would be insane. Just like the African looking people in Little Devil Inside. Some people were complaining and they changed the characters, how sad is that?
Same goes for the Witcher season 2 that I am currently watching. The amount of colored people they force into the series is ridiculous.

SeTTriP570d ago

Go watch the passion of Christ, their is a whole lot of diversity just to push a agenda, which is white superiority.

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Welshy576d ago

To quote the late, great philosopher Peter Griffin - "Oh my god, who the hell cares".

After10Ben576d ago (Edited 576d ago )

This kind of thinking is childish at best, toxic at worst. I think the word toxic get overused, but it's apt here. The amount of unfounded assumptions plaguing this article are too many to name. Basically the argument is race representation trumps historical accuracy while providing nothing to support it other than emotion. Representation is seen as some kind of virtue. It's not.

Some people simply feel uncomfortable when caucasions make art depicting people who, wait for it, look like them. The obvious logical flaw is that any other kind of art depicting people of color only, does not make them feel uncomfortable. If you were to map that out on a venn diagram, it would be an invalid argument. But the writer is an emotionally immature person who is impervious to logic. I'm Mexican and many of my favorite books and movies mainly depict caucasions and I have never felt uncomfortable.

Good art is good art regardless of the representation.

senorfartcushion575d ago

It’s because in this day and age, class issues remain at the back of the queue in terms of importance. The majority of the companies behind games like this are relatively conservative compared to most. All they know to concentrate on is race and gender, mostly because it’s enough to avoid class talks.

Along with the mishandling of these issues by the conservative companies, the kids online having hissy fits about the idea of replacing societies with such childish rhetoric also doesn’t help the issue. Yours is good. Most comments on here will fail to correctly criticise the creative choices made by Pentiment’s devs.