Sony Ranked Top in 2006 LCD TV Shipments

The company took losses in its LCD TV business for about two years while it established the Bravia brand. It is now on track to meet its goal of returning to profitability in the second half of its current financial year, which is the period from October to March 2007.

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Marty83704288d ago (Edited 4288d ago )

Nice to here Sony still makes top selling electronics. BTW Sony & Samsung have a joint parnership making Tv's in a shared plant.

Sony Corp. came out on top of the LCD (liquid crystal display) TV market in 2006 for the first time, according to figures published by DisplaySearch on Tuesday.

The company managed a 16 percent share of the market in revenue terms in 2006, giving it a percentage point lead over Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd. Japan’s Sharp Corp., which has led the market until last year. In 2006, Sharp fell to third place with an 11.5 percent share by revenue, said DisplaySearch.

Total shipments in the year amounted to 46.4 million units, a rise of 119 percent on 2005, the company said.

DC RID3R4288d ago

when you turn on a BRAVIA t.v, you are experiencing SAMSUNG technology hahaaha.

Japan's REAL No.1 is SHARP!!!

Maddens Raiders4288d ago (Edited 4288d ago )

Even you've gotta admit that the Bravia series is pretty strong and an outstanding development (and marketing) job on SNE's behalf. See, by partnering with Samsung on the technology, the company reduced r&d costs which could be poured into production, qc, and marketing. But it's the quality of these new sets that's taking us back to the (OLD) SNE days when the price 'really' was justified. Go get you one. I wouldn't lie to you.

I must say that the picture on mine is simply, superb compared to my buddies with competitor models (Pioneer, Mitsubishi)...don't get me wrong those brands are great as well, but the black levels on the Bravia are noteworthy. We're talking luscious deep blacks where there supposed to be, and there's no lag at all when the unit is processing say...multiple light bursts in a club scene for a minute and a half; on screen at once. Wonderful! I've said many times on this site that the HDMI cable running the PS3 games on the Bravia looks noticebaly better than even on my WEGA(really!) making nearly all of them LOOK great - really great. Now take that and add a AAA monitor for my Vaio and it's easy to see why I'll gladly purchase another. =]

DC RID3R4288d ago (Edited 4288d ago )

I'm not saying the bravia's aren't SICK bro, I'm just giving credit where it's DUE. heheehe

Sony's bravia's are SICK because SAMSUNG's lcds are inside them :]

I agree, the contrasts are VERY nice, and the overall visual quality is TIGHT!!!

Personally, I'm waiting for 1,000,000:1 contrast ratio line-ups, with HDMI 1.3 = SICKN355 :]

I'll most likely purchase a KOREAN set, because for those who don't know, LG (korean) invented HD, and I always roll with the originals!

I purchased a LG 52SZ8R 52" DLP back in december 05.

The contrast ratio isn't Brilliant at only 1500:1, but the overall picture quality is pretty cool. For the time being, this will do.


MaximusPrime4288d ago

Would Microsoft release their own TVs? I think not. Their brand would look ugly on TV compared to Sony.

Sony makes excellent TV. Brilliant adverts too eg Bravia bouncy balls.

Keep it up sony!

Without sony, no more spiderman.

DC RID3R4288d ago

"Sony puts EXCELLENT tech (other companies)inside their T.v's" is more appropriate.

the last GREAT t.v's Sony made were the WEGA series! EONS ago!!!

imo, SAMSUNGS running things now, if not OVERTLY,then COVERTLY.