Home is where the heart is–the heart of the problem in Sony's case

Chelsea "Nintendoll" writes: "In the most recent (and disappointing) news about Sony's Home program, reports of censorship are popping up all over the place. The outrage is at the words that Sony has chosen to put a block on. Words like 'gay,' 'bisexual,' and 'lesbian' are apparently forbidden. This type of censorship almost borders on discrimination, adding negative connotations to homosexual relationships. I can understand that Sony might think the word 'gay' might get abused, but bisexual? 'Stop team killing, that's so fucking bisexual!' Yeah, I'm sure people hear that all the time. Some of the other censored words include, 'Christ,' 'Jew,' and even 'Hello' (because it has the word hell in it, apparently)."

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aiphanes3634d ago

If you look at Home is the hottest game...just above killzone 2. Negative news is not hurting Home.

And its still a can censor all its wants...its a open beta...the final version might not be as censored.

lokiroo4203634d ago

These articles are rediculous, the words were banned because people were using them in a negative manner, then someone complains to sony about not being able to have a club with it in the title. Before even getting a response back these losers go and churn out article after article about sony being biased. Go to the ps3 forums and search, these words will be added back in before the new year, and sony stated so days before all these articles started popping up.

BrianC62343633d ago

I hope Sony keeps censoring the sex part though. We don't need Home to turn into a pickup joint. It's for gaming.

sinncross3634d ago

It's a bloody BETA, get over it.

El_Colombiano3634d ago

Wooohooo! And here is another one! Keep the worthless anti-PS3 articles coming! NOT!

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