Google struck $360-mln Activision deal to block rival app store, lawsuit says

Alphabet Inc's Google has struck at least 24 deals with big app developers to stop them from competing with its Play Store, including an agreement to pay Activision Blizzard Inc about $360 million over three years, according to a court filing on Thursday.

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porkChop81d ago

You made an open OS. You didn't think you'd have to compete with rival storefronts on an open platform?

Crows9081d ago

No...they did...that's why they paid.

blacktiger81d ago

Open source has nothing to do with patents and monopoly. They went with open source because its where developers went.

XiNatsuDragnel81d ago

Ooh boy double trouble lol imo

81d ago
Redemption-6481d ago

Activision said that is a false claim. Also I don't see why they would even pay Activision, literally most phones uses Android and they have a huge market share

porkChop81d ago

It's not about using Android. It's about listing the games in the Play Store. If a game is listed in the Play Store the dev has to give 30% of all monetization to Google. Same goes for Apple and the App Store. A lot of devs have been cutting Google out by having users download games from their own websites.

Redemption-6481d ago

But that is literally and I mean literally one of the advantages of using Android or An Apple device. It's the default store, maybe a few would not use the store and try to have download from their site, but a significant amount of app will be through the app store and your casual person will always go to the store 1st.

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