Xbox Series X|S vs Xbox One Sales Comparison - October 2022

October 2022 is the 24th month the Xbox Series X|S has been available for. In the latest month, the gap grew in favor of the Xbox Series X|S when compared to the aligned launch of the Xbox One by 168,031 units.

In the last 12 months, the Xbox Series X|S has grown by 1.21 million units. The Xbox Series X|S is currently ahead by 2.94 million units.

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azricf195d ago (Edited 195d ago )

At least xb1 had many exclusives by now. heh.

FlavorLav01195d ago (Edited 195d ago )

They sure did. Pretty decent I might add. Killer Instinct, Ryse: Son of Rome, Dead Rising 3, and a new Forza on Day 1. For a poorly remembered console cycle it still had bounds more then we’ve had so far this gen. You would’ve thought they’d have made better progress by now, instead they launched a new gen system with no games for an entire year. Lol

Don’t know why I bought my Series X without any proof of actual big games progressing and regularly releasing. It’s been a horrible investment so far.

Vits195d ago (Edited 195d ago )

Dead Rising 3 and pretty decent, pick one. /s

But yeah, I feel this new generation as a whole hasn't really started yet. There are things on the horizon, but by how freaking hard was to even get a hold of these new consoles, the amount of actual new experiences that they are providing is pretty low. Don't think I have ever felt this way by any console generation so far, but this is definitely one that I look at the paper and then look at the actual games and just shrug.

OmegaSoldati195d ago

3 mi ahead of the previous console. Impressive how every company Sony, Nintendo and Xbox are on top right now when compared to their last gen consoles. Really happy to see this. Even the Steam Deck handheld was sold out at the pre orders. Golden years (now) ahead of us

darthv72194d ago

PS5 is behind the 4 by about the same amount as what series is ahead of xbo.

OmegaSoldati194d ago

Yeah but they are selling like crazy anyway. Not to mention the stock issues with Playstation 5. Switch is selling a lot breaking their records. Xbox is recovering, Playstation keeps going strong

Babadook7194d ago (Edited 194d ago )

I'd be curious to see what how vgchartz reports the gap between this gen and how they reported last gen at the time. It would definitely be a bit closer seeing as they boosted XBOne sales at the time and have since adjusted them back down.