PS3 Stock Shortages a Ploy?

In what can be seen as a case of 'protesting too much' or 'getting its defence in early', e-tailer, has issued a statement today stating, in no uncertain terms, that it is expecting stock shortages of the PlayStation 3 when it launches on March 23rd...

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Caxtus7505704d ago

sorry to spam but anyone know why the Amazon pre orders haven't started yet for PS3? 20mins and still no sign :S

TheMART5704d ago

Shortages? Made up

They're laying all around in USA and Japan. Probably a 'trick' to hype up people to buy one. Then they come home and wish they never bought it. We've seen it on Ebay stories of people that bought the PS3 and then tried to sell it for prices the 360 was sold last year on Ebay. But couldn't get them sold even not for the retail price...

BrotherSic5704d ago

If Sony is delivering 220,000 then there will be no shortages. The Wii sold that amount in 4 weeks in the lead up to christmas. I am pretty certain shops will have stock within 2 weeks of launch

Deafman4205704d ago


HandShandy5704d ago

Laying all over the place? Well I've never been to yankee IOWA in my life - but from what I hear, stores get them in stock, announce it and hours later they are all gone. Do you want to know how many Xbox360s you see lying around on store shelves? don't do you? Because everyones meant to love the xbox and hate Sony.

theMART and the small minority of Sony Haters on here will be shouting mis-information on DEAF EARS when the PS3 goes into full launch swing over here in europe. Everyone will be playing their PS3s, while people who REALLY wanted a PS3 (theMART) will sit and chew on their sour grapes till christmas for when their mums will secretly go out and buy one for them.

Why? Why? Why do you hate the PS3 so much when it's clearly the best piece of kit out there? Just because you don't have one? Well tough beans mate.

We have taken 240 Pre-orders in my Store since last friday - now that's what I call demand baby.